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PostHeaderIcon Tools necessary for creating hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has multiple applications for structural as well as aesthetic purpose. There are endless ready-to-fit hardwood flooring packages, depending on the application and the budget. However, many a times, it becomes necessary to opt for customized solutions (e.g. in case of non standard shape of platform) in which case you have to manually cut the boards & set them up.

The most important tool used for wood flooring is definitely the table saw. It is used not only to cut the boards to width but also to bring them down to the desired thickness. Next comes the planer – it helps to trim down the planks to a uniform level. The third comes the radial (arm) saw, which is used to cut the planks to correct lengths before fitting them. Also useful is the table router, which helps in carving the tongue and groove joints on the sides of the boards so that they can be locked into each other.

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