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PostHeaderIcon Sanding the glue on your hardwood floor

Washing off the glue from your hardwood floor is feasible only when it has just taken place a couple of minutes ago. However, if you have noticed it much later (which is often the case) and when it has formed a big lump, you need something more than just a wet cloth. Many epoxy based resins cannot be dissolved even with the toughest solvents without damaging the texture of your hardwood.

Sandpaper is useful in removing such clogs. To begin with, wrap the sandpaper around your finger to facilitate easy motion. Then slowly trim out the gum layer, taking care that you do not accidentally scrape off the hardwood floor. Keep trimming carefully till you have superficially reached its base i.e. the hardwood. Once done with this, use a cloth dipped in hot water to clean the remnants of the glue & immediately dry the hard wood to avoid its deterioration.

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