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PostHeaderIcon Adding color to your White rooms

Having a white painted room can in fact be quite a treat to your creative wits. Not only is there multitude of combinations you can play with, but the best part is that the chances of getting a bad output is much less when working with white walls.

The golden rule of 60-30-10 is highly useful; it says that 60% of the color content from your room should reflect from your walls, which in this case is white. The 30% of the content should be reflected through your furniture, curtains & mattresses or rugs. If you like flashy signs, then maybe you should opt for bright colors like red, yellow, and so on. If you prefer a decent approach to life, beige or cream can compliment it through your 30%.

The remaining 10% can be colored through your accessories like lamp shades, coffee tables and so on. Be sure to use colors which will compliment well with your 30% content. In addition, you can add to the picture some more textures through a tapestry, a picture window & many other accessories to give you that enhanced effect.

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