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PostHeaderIcon Fixing your separating wooden floors

Within the course of time, wooden flooring will grow older & the planks will start showing prominent & increasing gaps in between. What is more of concern is that the gaps will keep fluctuating in size as the wood keeps contracting & expanding in different seasons. Hence, filling the gaps with simple wood putty will not be of any benefit. The best filler that can be used is a hemp rope, as it will expand & contract along with the wood.

First & foremost, use a vacuum hose to remove the debris between the gaps. Measure the length of the gaps & cut the ropes of the corresponding sizes. Pull apart the braids & select the strands that are half as more wider than the gap. Submerge these selected pieces of hemp rope in a bucket filled with wood stain & leave them in it for a minute. Dry them on newspaper sheets for the night.

Next day, apply the pieces to the corresponding gaps. Use your palm to force them tightly into the gaps.

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