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PostHeaderIcon Putting designs onto the tiles

Painted tiles add a glitter to your monotonous walls and they also give you and your kids a platform to work your creativity on. Tiles are affordable, and so are the acrylic painting kits.

First, wipe the tiles dry & clean with a tack cloth. With the use of acrylic colors, paint your masterpiece. If you are not sure about your art, use ready-to-use stencils. It is better to decide on your artwork before painting it. Since the tiles may absorb some of the paint, you might need a second coat. Do not paint the tiles on the extreme ends as it might get disturbed during the handling. Allow this paint to dry for 72 hours.

Apply two consecutive coats of acrylic varnish, with a distance of 4 hours in between and another 4 hours for the drying. Make sure to use apply the acrylic paint & acrylic varnish in well ventilated areas.

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