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PostHeaderIcon Give your bedroom a serene touch with the right curtains

It goes without saying that the bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. You spend some of the most intimate and amazing moments of your life in the bedroom, so you have to make sure that it is decorated properly. Curtains form an integral part of room décor and you have to get the right curtains to add peace, serenity and tranquility to your bedroom. Here are some tips for purchasing the right curtains for your bedroom.

You should first determine the budget for the bedroom curtains. Once the budget is set you should buy curtains that complement the color scheme of your bedroom. For a brightly colored bedroom, go in for bright curtains. Your bedroom curtains should also go well with the lighting scheme of the room. If there is a television in the room, get curtains that are darker, it will keep the sunlight away.

PostHeaderIcon Floor lamps, a perfect accessory to add glamour to you décor

Having an antique style floor lamp in your house, not only provides class and a touch of romance, but also adds to the sophistication. This is a versatile device that comes in varieties of colors, shapes and sizes. The stand can be made of brass or wrought iron and the design may have a floral or a metal layout, and it depends on the era of manufacturing. Antique lamps are usually not powered by electricity but often may be powered by gas.

The base structure should be taken into consideration, i.e. whether it is solid or not, in order to avoid unwanted fires due to short-circuit. Depending on the price as well as on your interior environment, you must choose the right design for yourself. Furthermore, antique table lamps or lanterns are also a good option, as they bestow a sense of illusion and creative ambience which modern lamps fail to provide.

PostHeaderIcon Give your little girl’s room a princess décor with the right color and accessories

You can adorn your little girl’s room with princess décor. You need to choose the right colour scheme. Make sure that you keep in mind your girl’s personality. You can put up posters of Disney princesses on the wall. You can buy coloured frames in order to make the posters stand out.

You need to use items in your daughter’s room that match the princess theme. Use bedding curtains, lamps, wall murals and wall shelves which fit the theme. The walls can be coloured in pink or purple or both. If you think these colours are too bold you can use the simple white or gray. You can accentuate the walls with stencil bricks. Use frilly fabrics for curtains. You can also use plush beddings, fabrics and rugs.

You can find princess themed items in online stores, dollar stores and department stores. You can also decorate the room with crowns, wands, shoes and horses. Keep fancy clothes on the shelves.

PostHeaderIcon Add a touch of life to your home décor with potted plants

Home décor is incomplete if you do not add a touch of life with a few indoor plants. These are easy to maintain and do not require much attention or even any professional help.

You can keep an Erica Palm right next to the entrance. These add a touch of green and fills up your heart as soon as you enter your house. Also, you can have Angel Ivy Ring Topiary or Ponytail Palm or Chamaedorea Palm in your living room next to the TV cabinet or the book shelf. They would not grow to a big height, but would fill up the space with their colors and leaf motifs.

A few small herbs can be kept in your kitchen as well. These should be able to withstand the heat that gets generated in the kitchen. To help them sustain, be sure to water these plants regularly.

Plants like Cactus Combo Bonsai and Tropical Combo Bonsai can be kept in your bathroom if you have the space. These plants need a moist climate.

PostHeaderIcon Learn to light up your living room the right way

Is your living room looking dull? Are you bored with the same lighting in your living room? Then you can light your room in a right way to make your room look classy and elegant. By using right fixtures and lights, your room would give positive energy.

The right fixtures can be sports lamps, ceiling lights, overhead lights, chandeliers, etc. You can also use monochromatic light that would give different light shades in your living room. You can use fluorescent light to make your room look bright. You can highlight some artwork and paintings by lights to gather the attention of everyone.

You can use smaller lamps instead of using bigger lamps. Lamp light should give translucent shades instead of opaque to increase the light. Glass cabinets should be lightening up with a dim light to give a shadowy look. The furniture should be in right place so that these lights would be more graceful.

PostHeaderIcon Garden bridges, a must have accessory for your back yard

Do you want to make your backyard look beautiful? In all probability your answer is yes. And the best way to adorn your backyard is to place a garden bridge. They are simply amazing and up the beauty quotient of your backyard. Other than lending beauty to the backyard, a garden bridge serves some functions as well. It will help you to cross water and experience the lovely view from above a pond or creek in the backyard.

The garden bridge can also help you to transverse a dry bed with plants, flowers and decorative rocks. They also impart a feeling of tranquility and serenity. A garden bridge is also a wonderful way of personalizing the landscape of your backyard. The different designs of garden bridges include plank garden bridge, single rail bridge, double rail bridge, rail free garden bridge, rope rail garden bridge and miniature covered garden bridge.

PostHeaderIcon Externals window shutters, to give your home exteriors a new look

Your house may be beautifully decorated from the inside, but it’s the external appearance that can attract the eyeballs, and bring you accolades. For the same reasons, many people try to enhance the exterior look by addition of external window shutters. In fact, window shutters can gorgeously blend with the overall look of your house, giving it a classy feel. And the best part – there is a wide array of style and color options to choose from.

The favored choice amongst most individuals and home owners is wooden window shutters. But before you quickly procure one for your windows, a bit of research work is recommended. Also, the quality and pricing becomes an essential factor. In case you are low on budget, you can opt for the synthetic models, which are relatively inexpensive. There’s also the plastic shutters, which are pocket friendly, and last a long time. Vinyl shutters are also gaining in prominence, owing to your unfading nature.

PostHeaderIcon Add a touch of glamour to your home decor with Turkish carpets

Turkish carpets are famous not only for their classic quality and durability but every rug of a Turkish carpet is unique in its design and texture. The easiest available and cheapest Turkish carpets are made of wool though quite costly Turkish carpets are made of silk also. But in order to find the best Turkish carpet for your home first decide on your budget and the size of the surface of your floor.

Buhara rugs are famous Turkish carpets which is a enthralling immigrant industry. These carpets come with religious beliefs to prevent omens from the household, on the other hand kayseri rugs are widely accepted Turkish carpets for their tough rugs and supreme decorative features.

You can use Dosemealti rugs if you are a resident of a cold region because these types of Turkish carpets are made to protect warmth inside your room, though these rugs are also attractive for their bright pastel color shades. Turkish carpets come in various sizes and shapes which could be used in your living room, dining room and even in urban washrooms.

PostHeaderIcon Popular choice for window décor fabric for your home

You can choose different kinds of fabrics for your windows. The kind of fabric will depend on whether you want heavy curtains or light ones. You can use upholstery fabric if you want heavy drapes. Use lace fabrics for layering underneath. You can also use medium weight fabrics for swags and valances.

After selecting the fabric weight, now it is time to select the colour and print style. The common prints are checkered ones and also floral patterns. If you have a country décor theme in your house you may use checkered or plaid fabrics. You will get variety in the size of the checks and plaids.

If you decide to use floral prints, you will find different colours in it. If you want something modern, use whimsical and bold patterns. The size of the floral prints will again depend on your home décor and size of the windows.

You can use stripes, solid colours or any other pattern for your window fabrics.

PostHeaderIcon All about breathable fabrics for your home

Are you tired and frustrated by the hot and humid climate? Well, sometimes the climate is so pathetic that even wearing a tee also seems to be too painful. To relieve you in these kinds of situations, breathable fabrics are required.

Now, the question may arise what is a breathable fabric. These are fabrics made from natural things like cotton, silk or linen. Cotton fabrics are the best to wear in hot summers. They are comfortable and air passage takes place properly. It is easy to clean cotton dresses, but you have to properly iron them after every wash.

Need to go in a party on a hot summer evening? You can go for dress made from silk fabric which is very comfortable. Silk looks gorgeous and is very lightweight. The best part about silk is that it will give a cool feeling in summer and work as insulator during winter. Besides, linen and polyester can also provide comfort in the warm days.

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