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PostHeaderIcon Add sculptures to your spacious living room to glam it up

Art never fails to glam up the look of a room. The placement of right kind and shade of sculpture can really change a dull room to a very classy one.  Bring your room to life with beautiful wall sculptures. Modern homes are experimenting with wall sculptures and artwork these days and the results are pretty glamorous. Discover yourself and some fine art work by designers and sculptors for home décor. Read on for some cool sculpture ideas.

Old roman and Greek sculptures are very beautiful and they come in various shapes and figures to adorn your home. You can go for angelic figurines, waterfalls, lovers and women, men, children sculptures. Also, birds, animals and even non living elements are sculpted. Parthenon sculptures are very realistic and rustic in nature which glam up the room in a completely different light. Choose whichever design and figures and color which suits the room and your taste.


PostHeaderIcon Add Japanese textures and colors to your home décor

Japanese textures and colors, home décor, home colorJapanese style of decorating a home is believed to be one of the most colorful and bright ways in which one can beautify one’s home. Even if you take the advice of an interior decorator you will get a very positive respond from them regarding the Japanese way of decorating your home. You can paint the equipments of your rooms in various shades of colors which are prominent in the Japanese palette such as black, brown, gray, tan and green and other earthly shades.

The color of paints which depicts the Japanese décor is light beige color, white, and cream which will give your rooms a spacious and elegant ambience. While selecting furniture the mantra which you should always follow is to select the simple. For tables and cabinets you can choose cedar, elm rosewood and walnut, basically all dark woods. You can also purchase a kotasu which is a Japanese furniture used as dining or writing table to give your home an authentic Japanese look.

PostHeaderIcon Fix the mess you have made in your bathroom with simple tips

Cleaning the house is one of the tasks that are always left last while you are in your house. House cleaning is not a thing where you cannot perform. Bathroom is a place in the house that should be kept clean and cleaning is thus a must. It is a place where water is always used throughout the day, thus it makes the place messy. Cleaning the bathroom is quite a simple task as it is tiled from top to bottom and so just taking out the water from it is mostly sufficient.

You can easily dry the bathroom by just opening the windows and let some air come in. This will help in drying up the water and you will have a good bathroom. Changing of towels is a must as it will create a proper clean environment in the bathroom. It is better to protect your bathroom well so as not to let moulds grow in the bathroom. So clean it daily to have a good shining bathroom.

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