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PostHeaderIcon Add elegance to you home décor with Oriental rug

Decorating your room with oriental rugs is a brilliant idea. Oriental rugs are best suited for your living room and dining room. Oriental rugs are available in various colorful vibrant colors, patterns, styles and sizes. They definitely add to the beauty of the room and bring an elegant sophisticated look to your room. Color and design of the rug, is what you should take into account before purchasing one. Try to match the color of the rug with the design and color of the room.

Traditional oriental rugs will compliment your modern home quite beautifully. Choose a rug according to its usage. If you are going to place the rug in the middle of the room and it will be completely visible then choose a rug with beautiful designed central motif. Heavy design on the border of the rug also looks grand. Curvilinear design is best suited in old traditional homes.

PostHeaderIcon Psychology of colors when it comes to doing up your kitchen

Colors can be implemented in different and unusual parts of your kitchen. The utensils of stainless steel could have a tinge of burnt orange and the counter top could have a fire-engine-red shade to it. The cabinets could be of coffee color surrounded by tiles that are of chartreuse or pink in color. You should jazz up the kitchen with many vibrant colors so that cooking becomes fun for you. However, you should not fill up your kitchen with only bright shades. You should be able to make a mix and match of bright and subtle colors. This will help you create an atmosphere that is soothing for the tiresome job of cooking meals.

The colors that give a warm feeling to the kitchen are yellow, apricot and also some shades of red. The cabinets could be a combination of black and red as that would surely make them stand apart. Nice colors in the kitchen will create a nice mood for the cook that will surely reflect on the food.

PostHeaderIcon Give your furniture a makeover with slip covers

slip covers,FurnitureAre you bored of your old sofa, and want to give a new look to your living room? But your sofa is in a good condition and you don’t need to replace it then a slip cover is the best option for you. Slip covers are made such that they can easily fit on an existing upholstery and give a new look to your living room. It not only adds to the beauty of your room but also safeguards the fabric beneath.

A well designed slipcover comes in the range of $200. Many people buy a number of slip covers and keep changing them regularly and thus give a new look to their living room most often. Slip covers are made up of twill or stretch cotton and are easily washable so you don’t have to worry about the slip covers getting dirty. They are available in different colors and patterns so you can easily choose the right option for your room. Slip covers are not only made for sofas but also for your loveseat, ottoman, dining chair and recliners.

PostHeaderIcon Items you’ll require to turn your home into a spa

Home spa,  Bathroom decorIn this hectic world and uncertain times, it is not always practical and possible to undertake rejuvenating holidays and excursions. There are also financial and family considerations which need to be taken into account.  But we should not despair as there are other options and one of the easiest to implement is the home transformation. You would be amazed to know that it is possible to change your ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa if you invest a little time, money and effort into it.


The first item on the list would have to be soaps and oils. There is no need to go in for the luxury branded items and many options are available online according to our individual needs and budgets. An electronic music device with speakers and some aromatic candles would be next and they would go a long way in setting the ambience and mood for a relaxing time in the tub. And the finishing touch would be provided with some nice soft cotton towels to dry you off and ready for facing the world and its troubles again.

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