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PostHeaderIcon Why are gas fireplaces not a good pick for homes?

There are a lot of benefits of using gas fireplaces which has made them very popular among homeowners. There will not be any ash and that will help you keep the area clean. The requirement of a storage space is quite low for gas fire spaces as compared to the wooden fireplaces. It is also very efficient in terms of energy as compared to wood.

Heat can be provided by the gas fireplaces even when there is no electricity which is not possible in case of the electric furnaces. They are very easy to operate. You get them lit just by switching on. The emissions will be much less when you are using gas. When you are picking a gas fireplace, you should go for a fireplace that would have automatic starters. You should also go for a fireplace that has a direct vent unit. The circulation fan should come with a squirrel cage.

PostHeaderIcon Marble tiles for elegance

Marble tiles, flooringMarble tiles are definitely one of the most popular choices when it comes to home improvement. Earlier, there was a conception that marble tiles are appropriate only for mansions, palaces and huge houses. However, the perception has changed over the years and even apartment houses are getting marble tiles installed. It is true that the marble tiles do not come cheap but it will be worth your investment as not only are they visually pleasing, they are also very durable.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the different textures, color patterns and designs of the marble tiles. Therefore, you can go with different options for the different rooms in your house. If you have good marble flooring, you do not have to invest in expensive carpets of area rugs as you would want to flaunt your tiles. Make a good research and choose the material that suits the style not your house.

PostHeaderIcon Things to keep in mind about guest room furniture

guest room furniture, furnitureIf you are planning to decorate a guest room in your house then what you need to make the room give out a nice, welcoming feel. This can be done with the right colors and right furniture. When you pick up the furniture for your guest room, try to pick a neutral side. This is because you may have either male or female guests so the atmosphere should be appealing to both.

There is some essential furniture which you need in a guest room. First of all, have a comfortable bed, big enough for two guests. It should have a nice clean blanket a pair of pillows and fresh bed sheets. Then have a closet or a cabinet where the guests can keep their luggage and clothes in an organized manner. You would also need to keep a table and two chairs in case they want to read or write or do some paperwork during their stay. Finally have a full length mirror with drawers for them to get ready and keep their essentials.

PostHeaderIcon Lighting up your study

Study lighting, home lightingWhen you are decorating your study, sadly it is the study table, the book shelf and the chair that gets most of the attention. You want all the furniture to be in top shape for your study so that they go wonderfully with the décor of the room. But since you will either spend your time reading, writing or staring at the screen, it is extremely important to have proper lighting in your study.

When you are lighting up your study make sure that the lighting fixtures and holders are not too elaborate. The study is a place where people work and concentrate and therefore the fixtures should do nothing to mess with either your concentration or with the décor of the room. Bright white light is the best for a study as they are soothing yet perfect for your eyes. You can also go for a sleek and modern table lamp for those late hours.

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