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PostHeaderIcon Constructing a closet in your attic

Home decor, attic modificationIf you are planning to make your attic a closet or a room in itself then you have to just use a few methods by which you can give your attic a makeover. If you are planning to make the attic your bedroom then you can leave one entire wall to make it your closet.

First of all, you need to do some room remodeling, the wall must be dented or pushed back so that it forms a rectangular space for the clothes to fit in on a rod or wire clothes hanger. You can then install a long rod with stands where you can put your clothes. You can also make a stone or wooden rack in the corner to keep your shoes. You can completely install wooden cabinet closet in the corner or just make doors for the closet as well. You can even make glass doors for the closet for a futuristic look.

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