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PostHeaderIcon How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy And Fresh

Indoor plants are a nice add on to any house. It’s always good to be in touch with greenery everyday which is getting hard in the jungle of the city. Thus, it’s always advised to opt for some nice indoor plants to ensure a refreshing feel inside. But you must make sure to take good care of your in-house greenery and here are the tips on how to keep your plants healthy & fresh.

Ensure adequate lighting

It’s needless to mention that plants need light to survive. Hence the best place to place your plants are near the window where these can relish ample sunlight. Many people prefer to hang small potted plants in their balcony which is another good option. If your plants are not getting sufficient natural lighting, opt for the indoor grow bulbs as the needful substitute.

Get sufficient water

Then, of course make sure that the plants get sufficient water- neither too much nor too less. Different plants have different requirements when it comes to water and thus you should have your arrangements accordingly. Always remember, large potted plants will need less watering in comparison to the plants in small pots. The flowering and thin-leaved plants always demands a good water flow for a healthy while the cactuses are oaky with less water. However, you must place a plate under every plant to prevent water drops on floor.

Stay safe from pests

You must keep your indoor greenery all safe from the pests. Pests area sure nuisance as they eat up your green pots fast. The thin-leaved plants are most susceptible to pest attacks like whitefly, spider mites, mealy bugs or scale. The best solution here is to use a good soil-drenching systemic pesticide.

Use fertilizers

Fertilizers support the plants with the additional nutrition. You must consult with the nurseries to get ideal fertilizers for your plants.

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