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PostHeaderIcon 3 R’s of Roofing

roof repairRoofing is considered to be the most important part whiles the construction of the house. There are many matters which are kept in mind at the time of constructing the roof. Experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor must be selected for the roofing because it will be advantageous to the home owners. Hiring a proper roofing contractor will comply with his functions properly regarding the installation of roof. There are special three R’s of roofing which gives us the knowledge and exact idea about which matters must be kept in mind at the time of constructing and structuring the roof. The three R’s of roofing are R1- roof repair, R2- roof restoration, and R3- replacement. This article will help you to determine the aspects regarding the roofing measure which you should keep in mind at the time of installing the roof in your home.

R1- Roof Repair

Every roof at some point of time needs proper maintenance and care but if these things are not supplied to the roof than it can create damages and leaks in the roof. These leaks are to be filled with the appropriate materials so that it does not damage the interiors of the home. Most of the roof leaks are seen in the flashing area of the roof or near the chimney, the ventilation arena, the window section in the roof, etc. and ninety percentages of the roofing problems are arrived from the chimney and the flashing area in the roof. These leaks in the roof must be repaired or it will damage the roof in extremes.

Roof repairs is cheap and effective as compared to roof replacement because in roof replacement whole roof is changes and new roof is installed but in roof repair only the part or the section in which the roof is damaged is repaired and made well to be functional.


R2- Roof Restoration

Roof restoration means maintenance of roof, inspection of roof, cleaning of roof, roof coating, filling the roof leaks, etc. In simple words roof restoration mean taking the optimum concern towards the roof. Roof restoration is different from roof replacement because in roof replacement the roof is replaced and in roof restoration the roof is managed in a proper way and restored to increase the functionality of the roof.

There are many benefits of roof restoration which will be helpful to the homeowners of taking the decision of roof restoring than of roof replacement. Installing a roof restoration will increase the life of the old roof which was installed in earlier time.


R3- Roof Replacement

Whenever the roof is old enough and has no options of roof restoration or repair than the role of roof replacement comes into consideration. At some point of time it is mandate to change or replace the roof for the better functions and maintenance of the roof. When your roof has crossed the limit of twenty years, you should determine that it is the time to replace your roof in the home. If the roof is not replaced than it can create more damage to the interiors of the home.

There are many advantages which can prove helpful to the home as well as the home owners. Replacing a roof will enter in the description of long term advantages to the home. The problem of replacing or the issues regarding roofing is solved with the help of replacing the roof.

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