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PostHeaderIcon An Introduction to Clay, Concrete and Slate Roofs

Roof is like the heart of the house. Houses are built for shelter. Imagine your house without roof it would fail to fulfill its basic objective of shelter. Thus roof is the one which gives shelter to us. It not only protects you, it protects all the things that lies under it, your family, your things and much more. Thus choose your roofing properly. If you have found your dream home and you have no intention to sell it then you can make heavy investment in your roof. You can go for clay tiles, natural slate or concrete tiles.

Clay tiles: sturdy Mediterranean look

Clay roofsThere are several benefits of clay tiles. Along with offering a cool trendy Mediterranean look, clay tiles also keep your house cool in summer days. The reason behind keeping home cooler is that instead of absorbing heat of sun, it reflects the heat and makes your home heat free. Clay roofs have a great durability factor along with great weather resistance power. They are also picturesque. Clay tiles have a capacity to last nearly a century. This is one of the attractive factors of clay roofing. Clay roofs are generally related with the Mediterranean weather and it’s also well flourished in the parts of Florida and California. To a fact of shock, these clay tiles are also adapted in the regions of north where there is harsh winters with the help of process of hard firing. Those clay roofs which are adapted in these ways are rated in the category of ASTM grade 1. There are several other benefits of clay roofs like fireproof, durable, energy efficient. They are also proof for insect damage, mildew, rot and mold factors.

Concrete tiles roofs: Durable and Affordable

concrete roofsAs compared to the clay tile roofing, concrete tiles are less expensive and hence they are cost effective. Concrete tiles roof also offers good durability. It can last till the life of your house. As it is less expensive, it lacks the natural beauty of clay tiles. Concrete tiles can be designed in way to look like wooden roofs, slate roofs or like clay roofs. Concrete roofs are available in various colors and pigments. As per the weight factor, concrete roofs are heavier and needs tough support system. There is a drawback of concrete roofs. If they are not properly sealed, they are prone to water leakage. It also needs regular power washing if you want to keep it away from moss and unsightly algae.

Slate roofing: undeniable quality

slate roofsSlate roofing offers eye widening beauty along with longetivity. Along with this it also offers several advantages say rain resistant, snow resistant, unaffected to mildew and mold and is also non combustible. Other highlighting characteristics are low maintenance and repair cost. It possess the capacity to adapt any architectural style along with availability in varied colors say for black, grey, blue, red, green and many more. Tiles of blended colors are also available. By offering this many benefits, you cannot expect cost effectiveness. It is a expensive roofing. It’s costing sets 5 times higher than other roofing materials.

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