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PostHeaderIcon Give your guest room a welcoming feel with the right color palette

Guest rooms form an important area in every house or apartment. After all, that is the place where your guests will feel most comfortable and at home. Although selecting color schemes or palettes require an emotional connection, most people do not give much importance, while designing the guest rooms. But you need to strike the right chord with the coloring scheme and palette, so as to add to the soothing and welcoming feel of the room.

Try and select a color scheme which is not abstract or different, on comparison with the other rooms of your home. This will help in keeping the entire theme of your home or apartment unaltered. You can obviously play around with shades of the same color, or choose a variation in design. While choosing the color, do not be gender biased. You can even resort to wallpaper books for the purpose of selecting the color of your choice.

PostHeaderIcon Considering the Colors for your home decor


In Victorian homes rich, deep green colors were used as primary color in a color scheme. The deep green colors were offset by using pale shades in same tones, like sea foam or sage colors. Greenish grays and blues were also considered suitable with primary greens. Use painted or dark stained wood for trimming your green rooms. In a room with Victorian theme you can paint the walls dark green in lower portion and medium-light green in upper portion separating them by dark wood colored chair rail. You can paint the ceiling using a lighter shade in green.


In Victorian era use of pink shades, including bright salmons, purplish mauves and lightly-tinted pastels was well known. Pink colors are used in a color scheme including dark, medium as well as light tones. Cool pink shades suit small bedrooms or sitting rooms while warm tones are suitable for dining rooms, kitchens and larger bedrooms.

PostHeaderIcon Adding color to your White rooms

Having a white painted room can in fact be quite a treat to your creative wits. Not only is there multitude of combinations you can play with, but the best part is that the chances of getting a bad output is much less when working with white walls.

The golden rule of 60-30-10 is highly useful; it says that 60% of the color content from your room should reflect from your walls, which in this case is white. The 30% of the content should be reflected through your furniture, curtains & mattresses or rugs. If you like flashy signs, then maybe you should opt for bright colors like red, yellow, and so on. If you prefer a decent approach to life, beige or cream can compliment it through your 30%.

The remaining 10% can be colored through your accessories like lamp shades, coffee tables and so on. Be sure to use colors which will compliment well with your 30% content. In addition, you can add to the picture some more textures through a tapestry, a picture window & many other accessories to give you that enhanced effect.

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