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PostHeaderIcon Tips to clean your curtains

One of the most important accessories that play a very important role in the overall décor of your interiors is the curtains of your doors and windows. Curtains behold a vital role to give your house an aesthetic sense. These does not only protect your privacy from outsiders but also conveys the tastes of the dwellers. You should make it a point that your curtains should never look ordinary. Though even if you choose expensive curtains for your house they give out a very ordinary look if they are not cleaned and maintained well .

Nowadays both heavy and light fabrics are used to make the curtains and the basic way by which you can keep your curtains is by cleaning and maintaining the fabrics well. In case of light fabric curtains, it is very easy to keep them clean because most of the time, only a shake in it is enough. Moreover, curtains can be kept clean by vacuuming it on a regular basis.

A weekly cleaning is essential for your linen or cotton curtains. You can run it in the washing machine once a week and dry it in a shady area where direct sun rays will not affect the colors of the curtains. It is advisable to take them away from the sun instantly after they are dried so that the beauty of the colors is maintained.

There are some materials of the curtain which need a dry cleaning periodically. But for many of you, dry cleaning can be an expensive task and thus an alternative can be opted for. A gentle shake to the curtains can remove the dirt that is stuck into it or vacuum cleaners can serve the purpose. Cloth streamers can be run through the curtains which will kill the germs on it.

If a lint brush is used regularly to wipe away the dirt from the curtains, hassles of cleaning them every alternative day can be avoided. Vacuuming the curtains from both sides will undoubtedly offer your interiors a decent look.

PostHeaderIcon Velvet curtains are simply plush

Velvet curtains, home decorThe curtains really add a beauty and elegance to you the beauty of your home. The curtains play several important roles at the same time. On one hand they protect the interior of the home from getting exposed to the sunlight during daytime. On the other hand they also protect your house interiors from getting exposed too much of dust particles during windy day. You can even do your personal things in your home without showing any outsiders as the curtains work as the divider.

There are various types of curtains available in the market of which the velvet curtains are the most beautiful and add a sense of royal and classy look to your home. You can select the color of the curtains depending on the interior of your home.

The glow and shine of the velvet curtains is really amazing and add an extra bit of beauty to your home. You must clean the curtains regularly to maintain their beauty always as a new one. Read the washing instructions carefully before washing as otherwise the curtains get damaged. Avoid using vacuum cleaners directly on the curtains as they may cause the fur to come off damaging the curtain completely.

PostHeaderIcon Give your bedroom a serene touch with the right curtains

It goes without saying that the bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. You spend some of the most intimate and amazing moments of your life in the bedroom, so you have to make sure that it is decorated properly. Curtains form an integral part of room décor and you have to get the right curtains to add peace, serenity and tranquility to your bedroom. Here are some tips for purchasing the right curtains for your bedroom.

You should first determine the budget for the bedroom curtains. Once the budget is set you should buy curtains that complement the color scheme of your bedroom. For a brightly colored bedroom, go in for bright curtains. Your bedroom curtains should also go well with the lighting scheme of the room. If there is a television in the room, get curtains that are darker, it will keep the sunlight away.

PostHeaderIcon Popular choice for window décor fabric for your home

You can choose different kinds of fabrics for your windows. The kind of fabric will depend on whether you want heavy curtains or light ones. You can use upholstery fabric if you want heavy drapes. Use lace fabrics for layering underneath. You can also use medium weight fabrics for swags and valances.

After selecting the fabric weight, now it is time to select the colour and print style. The common prints are checkered ones and also floral patterns. If you have a country décor theme in your house you may use checkered or plaid fabrics. You will get variety in the size of the checks and plaids.

If you decide to use floral prints, you will find different colours in it. If you want something modern, use whimsical and bold patterns. The size of the floral prints will again depend on your home décor and size of the windows.

You can use stripes, solid colours or any other pattern for your window fabrics.

PostHeaderIcon Learn how to pick the right stripped curtains for your home

Stripped curtains are an easy option to add color to your room. At the same time these will help you avoid too much sunlight and dust.

The first thing you will need to keep on your mind is, the lighter the color, the more spacious your room will look. But if there is no space crunch you are at ease to choose any shade that you prefer. The color should definitely complement the wall color as well as the theme chosen for the room décor.

Stick to earth colors if you have a lot of wooden furniture in your room. On the other hand, if your walls are of a very light shade, you can add a dash of color to add that spark to your mood.

You could also play around with a lot of color and choose two curtains of two different color combinations for the same door or window.

PostHeaderIcon Crotchet edging on your curtains

Crotchet trimming & endings can give a new life to your old curtains. With a few hours to spare & a basic knowledge of crotchet stitches, you will be an instant star in your neighborhood. Here are some basic tips to help you groom up your old curtains to give them a designer boutique feel.

Thread your embroidery needle with thread weight crotchet cotton. With a margin of about ¼th of an inch from the bottom left corner, bring the needle up through the curtain. Position the curtain upside down. Pull the needle to bring all the thread up through the fabric. Make the next stitch with a clearance of about ¼th of an inch. Before tightening up the stitch, hook up the needle through the loop on the top of the fabric to put up a vertical loop simultaneously along with a horizontal one. Repeat the above steps all along the bottom edge of your curtain.

For the edge, insert a crotchet hook in the first stitch. Attach the yarn with the slip stitch. Chain one crotchet & then turn (shell stitch or alternate stitch). Finally fasten the thread at the end of the row.

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