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PostHeaderIcon Wooden furniture and their timeless appeal

In spite of the advent of various new furniture, the wooden furniture even today is much popular among the people. The wooden furniture imparts a royal, classy look to your home and office. The modern and trendy furniture become outdated very quickly with the advent of some new design pattern. But the effect of the wooden furniture is long lasting.

Wooden furniture consists of dining tables, chairs, sofa, wardrobes, etc. You can look for wooden furniture for your house in the nearest furniture store. You can also contact some expert and experienced carpenter get the furniture designed according to your own personal choice and according to the interior of your home.

If the wooden furniture appear faded and aged, you can bring back the glow and shine of the furniture by simply polishing the furniture with varnish and polish. The wooden also last for a relatively long period of time and so they exert a timeless appeal on the appearance of your room.

PostHeaderIcon Why to invest on wrought iron furniture?

wrought iron furniture, furnitureWrought iron furnishing can be a good add on for your home. Yes, the wrought iron pieces are a tad expensive yet these are the kind of those one-time investments that would last intact for many years to come. Here is a brief on the prim advantages of counting on the wrought iron furniture.

The first benefit is that the wrought iron pieces are pretty sturdy. These can bear heavy traffic and would stay unharmed with any weight or size on them. Wrought iron furniture would be your apt choice when you have a large family and pets at home.

Apart from being durable, the wrought iron furnishing is also preferred for its classy appeal. The wrought iron pieces are truly elegant and would gel well with any theme or type of home décor. Thus, whether you have a vintage house or you have done up your home with a contemporary touch, wrought iron furnishing would be an easy fit both ways.


PostHeaderIcon 5 things to keep in mind while purchasing outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture, furnitureWhenever you go for shopping there are five things that you must follow especially if you are going for outdoor furniture shopping. First of all you must set your budget before purchasing the furniture. Paying in credit card or by cash is not an important factor but if you do not have money then how will you be able to purchase the furniture anyway? Secondly you must choose a reputable store when you are planning o buy outdoor furniture. They would provide you with a warranty period and you can contact them if you find any dispute in the furniture.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the duration of the warranty period. You should always choose the furniture that has got a greater warranty period. Fourthly you should determine the purchase value of the furniture that you are about to buy. This would give you an idea as to whether your purchase would be worthwhile or not. Lastly you must find some time to select and buy the furniture. This is the most important of all the other points.

PostHeaderIcon Things to keep in mind about guest room furniture

guest room furniture, furnitureIf you are planning to decorate a guest room in your house then what you need to make the room give out a nice, welcoming feel. This can be done with the right colors and right furniture. When you pick up the furniture for your guest room, try to pick a neutral side. This is because you may have either male or female guests so the atmosphere should be appealing to both.

There is some essential furniture which you need in a guest room. First of all, have a comfortable bed, big enough for two guests. It should have a nice clean blanket a pair of pillows and fresh bed sheets. Then have a closet or a cabinet where the guests can keep their luggage and clothes in an organized manner. You would also need to keep a table and two chairs in case they want to read or write or do some paperwork during their stay. Finally have a full length mirror with drawers for them to get ready and keep their essentials.

PostHeaderIcon Hardwood furniture polishing tips

Hardwood furniture bring a touch of comfort and class to your home but eventually the elegance of these furniture get diminished fingerprints, damage and scratches they suffer from daily use. To maintain the pristine condition of your hardwood furniture repair and maintenance is very much necessary on a routine basis.

If the furniture looks dull and aged due to light scratching, you can polish it with a soft cloth and a little amount of furniture polish. A circular motion is to be followed while polishing following the path of the grain. If your hardwood furniture gives a greasy appearance, you can treat it with a good scrub in the path of the grain with a good quality cream for furniture polishing. Hardwood polishing is easy and no need to hire any professional help. Just remember that a few minutes of attention and love provide your hardwood furniture with numerous years of splendor and a long lasting glorious life.

PostHeaderIcon Give your furniture a makeover with slip covers

slip covers,FurnitureAre you bored of your old sofa, and want to give a new look to your living room? But your sofa is in a good condition and you don’t need to replace it then a slip cover is the best option for you. Slip covers are made such that they can easily fit on an existing upholstery and give a new look to your living room. It not only adds to the beauty of your room but also safeguards the fabric beneath.

A well designed slipcover comes in the range of $200. Many people buy a number of slip covers and keep changing them regularly and thus give a new look to their living room most often. Slip covers are made up of twill or stretch cotton and are easily washable so you don’t have to worry about the slip covers getting dirty. They are available in different colors and patterns so you can easily choose the right option for your room. Slip covers are not only made for sofas but also for your loveseat, ottoman, dining chair and recliners.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to clean your white leather furniture

White leather furniture gets dirty easily because of its color. Dust particle and pollution tend to make the furniture look off-white and dirty. You need to regularly clean to make the white leather furniture look new. Make sure you use cleaning products which are not volatile as they might dis-color your white leather furniture. Whenever you apply a cleaning product and wash it with a soft cloth, do it with a circular motion and with soft hands.

When you clean your white leather furniture, do it one area or a portion of it at a time. After using the wet cloth with the product, use another damp cloth to wipe the area on which the cleaning product was applied. Then use a damp cloth to dab and dry off that particular area. To remove stains you can use nail polish without acetate or a paste of Oxy clean and apply it on the stained area.

PostHeaderIcon Make your Living Room appear exceptional with proper Furniture

You should draw a sketch of your living room on a paper marking windows as well as doorways in your room. Using a separate paper sheet, draw and color pieces of furniture with a colored pencil. Place your pieces of furniture in your living room outline representing an intuitive design for your room. Each furniture piece should stand out and be available for use easily. A fireplace in living room should have a seating arrangement around it. Or, if you have a chandelier, furniture should be placed underneath so that light fixture will be the room’s focal point.

Once your layout is ready, enhance your room design further using color and texture. Select your furniture color to match the color of walls and floor. Light-colored objects will stand out against a dark background and vice versa. Use this contrast for larger furniture pieces to draw the attention to space including your complete furniture set.

PostHeaderIcon Creating Floor Plans for placing your Furniture

By creating floor plans, you can easily set up a number of scenarios without needing much artistic skill. Using a tape you should measure the length as well as width of all the things in the respective room. Using a pencil and graph paper, you should sketch a replica of your room without any furniture.

Using a graph paper you should make replicas of your furniture in living room, appliances as well as area rugs. The same scale should be used as for your living room sketch. Boxes or rectangles can represent the furniture pieces with labels. Then you should cut out these boxes or rectangles.

Place these cutouts representing furniture and appliances on the drawing of the empty living room moving them around till you create a plan for living room which suits you. Place couches minimum six inches far from vents, and arrange sofas and chairs within a comfortable distance from each other.

PostHeaderIcon Using Ancient Styles for Modern Furniture

Using ancient styles for modern furniture needs to create a balance between new and old. You should throw away excess furniture pieces. Choose a few furniture pieces made of wood or stone with animal shaped legs having claws or hooves. If they have simple design and strong polish, they can look both modern and ancient.

You can place a simple stool in the room corner which was common in ancient Egyptian homes. This stool should have basic design but made up of modern materials like leather or sleek chrome.

Select accessories like a chrome or stainless steel statue of pyramids or sphinx as modern representations for ancient themes to accent ancient style in modern furniture. You can paint wall hieroglyphics from a wall hieroglyphics book across the middle or top of your walls. You can use paint having a metallic tinge to give these designs a modern look. More geometric shapes can be added to mix new with old.

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