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PostHeaderIcon How To Prevent Bathroom Mold

Often houses are infected with mold and you do not even realize it. Mold can affect people outside as well as inside the house. If you are allergic or have asthma exposure to mold can be more sensitive. A home that has high mold levels can be very harmful. Molds usually grow on organic materials such as leather, dirt, paper and soap scum. The ideal breeding place for molds are warm and moist places. Here are some ways of preventing mold formation.

Keep your things dry: you need to dry the wet materials quickly and if you do not mold can grow as fast as in 2 days. You might have ignored this a several times and must have left wet things inside or outside your house.. But, now you know that they are the most common breeding grounds for the molds and they develop the most in these places.

Maintaining clean and disinfected surfaces: sinks and floors are another very common place for the mold to develop. This is because the floor and sinks are quite often wet. You can use disinfectants in these areas to keep them mold free and clean. Regularly clean them and make sure least moisture is left behind. Molds might seem to be less harmful but they can grow very fast and in large numbers can cause health hazards for the residents of the house.

Daily maintenance: a house that believes in daily maintenance can help prevent mold and as well as damage. Make sure you keep the tubs in shape and drains clean and remove all the dirt. Using a semi gloss paint can also make it harder for the mold to grow on the surfaces.

Reduce the moisture level in the bathroom: running an exhaust fan during and after showers can help prevent molds. You must have notice how foggy your bathroom gets after a shower. These are moist places and can support mold growth. It is the most likely place for molds to grow. Exhaust fans helps in reducing the moisture level to the minimum and reduces the possibility of growth of mold.

Get rid of the leakages: it is very important to replace old pipes or pipes that have started to leak. However hard you try to keep the house clean there are always places that are left out. The possibility for mold growth never ends. So, fix plumbing leaks and seepage to prevent the buildup of moisture and prevent the growth of mold.

Maintain the flow of air: permitting air circulation limits the growth of molds. You can move furniture away from the walls and open the doors of the closet so that air can pass through. The place should be kept well ventilated especially in the dark spaces and confined areas.

Keep your clothes dry: store your clothes clean and dry to prevent mold growth on them. Clothes are best used when dry and when they are wet you should hang them outside or in a place where there is proper air circulation.

PostHeaderIcon Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor cleaningCleaning the bathroom floors is the least appealing task in a messy bathroom. Whether you have laminated, bamboo, plastic or any other type of flooring, maintaining clean floors is the most significant aspect of a neat and clean bathroom. Today everyone is so busy that they have little time to give for cleaning. Thus, whatever shortcuts possible to clean it sound very attractive. Go beyond your old ideas to take care of the floor. Here are some latest tips on floor care tips:

The bathroom rugs that you choose should be machine washable:

The bathroom rugs that you choose should not only be plush and add to the look of your bathroom but also be machine- washable. You should be able to wash them on an usual basis. Good rugs are also helpful to keep the bathroom floors clean. It saves you a considerable amount of time that you have to otherwise spend on mopping and sweeping. Thick rugs are good to add comfort and style to your bathroom.

Wash and use bathroom rugs can also be tried:

If there are a lot of people that are constantly using the bathroom, the bathroom floor will be wet most of the time. There shall be constant cleaning and mopping of the floors required. In such a situation you need to stock up your house with a lot of use-and-wash bath rugs. These kinds of rugs are generally used in hotels. It is easy to move these rugs anywhere that you want. You can keep them outside the shower to ensure a dry place once you step out of the shower. They are one time use rugs. After using it once it can be washed to keep your floors clean and even the bath rug clean.

Before mopping dilute the cleaning solutions:

Although the modern solutions for cleaning are very easy and efficient to use, they may contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals might destroy the floors if not used in the right quantity. So, dilute the solution that you are using to clean. This shall protect your floors and also minimize the amount of fumes produced in a small room.

Some natural cleaning solutions:

You can clean your bathroom floors using all natural cleaning solutions. You no more have to worry about the harsh chemicals in the synthetic solutions that may cause harm to your floors. The natural solutions of cleaning have proven to be as effective as the other cleaning solutions. They have essential oils and some fruit extracts that help them do the task of cleaning. They also leave behind a refreshing and fresh smell.

Trying a steamer:

Mopping is an old way of keeping the floors dry, in the modern day steamers are taking its place. Steamers are much more effective than mopping. They do not pose any threat to the floors as they are chemical free. The steamers only with their heat keep the floors dry. The steamers can save you a lot of time as well. You do not have to worry about the floor being wet as the hot steam shall do all the work.

Use an automatic mop or vacuum cleaner:

They are automatic and ensure easy floor cleaning. They can be used for kind of bathroom floors. They leave behind a shining floor with just a press of a button.

PostHeaderIcon Different aspects Of Fire Alarm

Fire AlarmIf we talk about misconception about fire alarm, then it is hugely spread among a large amount of people across the globe. But actually fire alarm is the only device that not only saves your life but also your property. It is indeed very surprising that many people still believe that fire alarm is such a device that should be installed only in business hubs and corporate offices. But what about saving your cherished home and family members? Installing fire alarm device is more important at residential properties too.

Past story: When fire alarm devices came into being, it was noticed that confined within only limited usage, less competent devices were used to send intimation about fire emergencies. But with rapid technological growth, fire alarms have become more efficient. Now not only the prices have reduced significantly, even the digital fire alarms are also available in moderate price. If you are eyeing to install a fire alarm at your house, then make sure that the device is linked with the primary station. So when any fire emergency occurs, then you get alarm about the articles that are generally enlisted in the file. This process should continue 24×7.

Modern devices: If you analyse the new age fire alarm devices, you will see that they are mostly dependent upon some network apparatus or tools. These tools help the fire alarm perform effectively without any break. Another feature of the modern fire alarm devices is that you get all the information about your house and location of your property recorded in the memory of the fire alarm. So, when any emergency takes place, your device will get instruction from the primary station and will intimate you about the emergency.

Know the device: If processor is the main component of a computer, then you should know that control panel is the key component of any fire alarm. A control panel maintain the coordination between the fire alarm and its primary station. So while buying a fire alarm, you must make sure that the device has a good control panel. Heat and smoke detectors should also be part of your fire alarm, but it depends how much budget you have and how much you spend.

Installing fire alarm system is equally significant like installing security system at your house. Device that understands about major change in the temperature of your house is ideal.

PostHeaderIcon Home made Disinfectants can help you to take care of your house

A home must be cleaned but in spite of this there can be hidden germs that can cause minor or major diseases. Thus it is very important to disinfect your house regularly to keep all the germs away. But you may find this to be an expensive affair. But it can be very easy to prepare disinfectant spray at home itself. This can save upon a lot of your expenses. Different areas of the house require different kind of disinfectants. Following are a few easy steps to prepare your own disinfectant at home:

Spray 1: The items that are required for this are: spray nozzle, white vinegar, spray bottle and hydrogen peroxide. The method of preparation is as follows: As the hydrogen peroxide is already available in a bottle, it will be the best to just replace the cap with the nozzle. Fill up another bottle with vinegar and cap it with the nozzle. This will make your disinfectant ready. You should spray the house with hydrogen peroxide and then with the vinegar. Be careful enough so as to not mix both the solutions together.

Spray 2: The items required for this are: Rubbing alcohol, dish washing soap, spray nozzle, dish washing soap and water. First of all you should mix in equal quantities, water and alcohol in a bottle with spray nozzles. Take another bottle and mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap in a bottle of water. The target area must be sprayed with this and left for a few minutes. Then spray the alcohol on those areas.

Spray 3: The items that are required for this are: distilled water to fill the bottle, spay bottle and lemon essential oil. This preparation will help you to clean up the kitchen tops, doorknobs, and linens. Just mix them all in the bottle to get the disinfectant ready.

PostHeaderIcon Know-how on tile floor cleaning

Tiles are common flooring options, thanks to their wonderful finish and affordability. Tile flooring is especially common for areas with high spillage chances such as washroom or kitchen. However, some of the homeowners plan tile flooring for their entire home. In fact if you are planning a beautiful that won’t harm your budget- tiles would be perfect for your flooring. However, tiles also call for proper maintenance. The post below offers some essential tips that will help you to protect and preserve your tile flooring for years.

First of all, your tile flooring calls for regular cleaning. You have to sweep the floor everyday and vacuum at least once a week. The vacuum cleaning is necessary to suck out dust and dirt particles from the farthest corners of the floor. You must know that dirt, dust and sand really harmful for the stone tiles. Regular mopping is needed as well to ensure a complete cleaning for the floor. You can use soapy water to mop on the tile flooring. It’s better to use chamois mop or rag rather than sponge mop since the sponge option pushes off dirty water remain into the grout like, making it difficult to clean effectively. Besides, don’t forget to change water frequently as you mop. If you are cleaning the floor with soapy water, make sure to clean the residue post mopping. You can use mild acid (lemon juice) or an all-purpose nonabrasive floor cleaner to rinse of the soapy remains from the floor.

Grout cleaning is vital to maintain an elegant tile surface. It’s better if you can avoid commercial cleaners here and rather take to home-made cleaning solutions. One of the best home-made floor cleaning solution is a blend of water and baking soda which can create wonders while applied on floor stains.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on taking care of your carpet

Carpets give your room a perfect authentic and elegant look. You can use the carpets in your home not only to give your room some god looks but it also keeps your home warm. It makes the room cozy and makes the people visiting your home feel like home. With so many benefits it also has its own loss. It accumulates dust pretty easily. Here are some tips so that you can take care of your carpets very easily.

• Brush your carpets on a regular basis. By brushing the carpet you can remove the dust that accumulates in the carpet.
• Keep your pets away from carpet as they bring in germs that would destroy the quality of your carpet.
• If you see some food or some other stain on your carpet make sure you clean it at that moment. As if not cleaned then it would be difficult to remove it later.
• Make it a habit to wash it after a certain period of interval.

Use these tips to make sure that you have a good carpet in your home.

PostHeaderIcon Tornado prone area: home do’s and don’ts

A tornado is one of the natural calamities that claim a number of lives when it hits in a place. If you are living in a tornado prone area then here are the do’s and don’ts that you should do while in your home during a tornado.


  • The first and the foremost thing you should do are to run to your basement. The basement of your house is the safest place during a tornado.
  • If you do not have a basement in your home then run into your living room. It is the inner most room.
  • Cover yourself with a mattress or a sleeping bag this will protect you.


  • Never light a candle or a matchstick during the tornado. Due to it the gas lines may get damaged thus causing fire.
  • Do not use the elevator in any case. It is one of the dangerous things to do.
  • Do not live in any mobile home.

PostHeaderIcon How to manage to keep your house safe in winter?

With the onset of winter, you should start thinking about protecting your house from the harsh winter weather. A very big problem during the winter is the snowfall. You should check your roof properly before the snowy season arrives. If there is any cracks in the roof or if the roof if not strong enough, then continuous snow fall may cause the collapse of the roof.

Also check for cracks in the walls and in the basement. Water may step in to these cracks and on freezing; this water will cause immense damage to the walls as well to the foundation of the house. The windows should be strong enough to bear the weight of the snow. If wrapping your window from outside looks odd, you can use insulated curtain for the windows to keep your house warm.

Check all the chimney of the fireplace properly so that there is no debris. Clogging of the chimney may lead to fire hazards and can also increase the carbon monoxide level in your home. You should adopt proper means of keeping your room temperature within a certain limit to make it comfortable for staying.

PostHeaderIcon Preventing fires in your kitchen with holiday appliances

Kitchen care, prevent fireA fire in your kitchen can prove to be extremely shattering and toxic danger you face. You can read this article and get to know how to prevent fire in your kitchen with holiday appliances.

• During holiday times, you enjoy cooking a lot for your family members and friends. While cooking any item, you should never leave your cooking unattended and go out of the kitchen.
• Lighters and match sticks should never be kept within the reach of children.
• To get rid of grease fires, you should never use water. It will blowout the flames. Instead, you can use baking soda.
• You should keep your exhaust fan free of lubricant.
• You should avoid using burnable solutions near your gas stove.
• Electrical appliances should not be touched with wet hands. You must be careful about that.
• Do not use metal in the microwave. The flashes can lead to fire or it can damage your oven badly.

PostHeaderIcon Cleaning fur off your favorite couch

Tips to clean couches, home careHaving a pet can sure be a fun thing, but when it comes to cleaning the pet fur off your couch, it can be quite a nightmare. But with effective tricks up your sleeve you can now easily keep fur off your couch. First thing first, never let the fur collect. Maintaining the couch regularly is a better option that cleaning it after the fur has collected. Train your pet no to get up on the couch.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the couch. Professional cleaning is also a good pick to go for if you want it to be a hassle free chore. You can search online to find an efficient cleaner who can cater to such chores. All need to do is pay them and sit back and relax. They’ll come over and take care of it all. So keep you couch clean even while you have a pet living with you.

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