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PostHeaderIcon Fire safety essentials for your home

Fire safety essentials, home safetyFire safety is one of the most important things that you have to be concerned about when it comes to your home. It is of utmost importance that you make sure that all the electrical wires and the boards and the circuits are in perfect condition. It is important that they are checked by a professional at least once every two months. Cleaning and properly maintaining the fireplace is also a very important thing in this regard.

A lot of fatal accidents with disastrously unfortunate results take place just because the fireplace is not maintained. Therefore, you have to get the fireplace cleaned by a professional thrice a year in order to ensure the fire safety of your house. Fire extinguishers should be kept in handy when it comes to keeping your home free of fire. These are some of the things that you would have to take care of when it comes to keeping your house safe.

PostHeaderIcon DIY repairs on household appliances

Repair household appliances, home care tipsYou need to be careful when you are taking care of your home appliances in the DIY process. The first thing that you have to do is detect the problem and figure the root cause. You should not blindly start with the job as you may ruin the appliance beyond repair. Therefore, proper diagnostics is something to be taken care of. It is important that are you are well equipped with the tools.

You should go to the departmental store and get yourself the complete DIY kit that is required for the job. You should not try to replace a tool with something else as you may end up causing damage to the appliance as you are not a professional. Therefore, the trick is to stick to the basics in this regard. Even if you are doing the repairs, it is advised that you get the appliance checked by a professional every two or three months.

PostHeaderIcon An account on window locks

window locks, home careWhy do people have window locks? The main reason is for safety. With thieves and burglars around you should not take a chance but get a lock as soon as possible. The first thing that you should look for while buying a window lock is the effectiveness. If a newly bought lock does not have enough effectiveness then it is not worth buying.

The next thing that you must see is whether the lock looks good on your window or not. There are stylish locks that are available nowadays in the market that suits the windows. You must also see that the style does not cross your budget because some of the good looking locks can be a bit costly. If you want then you can buy locks that match the interiors of the room. There are locks that combine with the interiors in such a way that they are hard to find.

PostHeaderIcon How to remove cat fur from your carpet

Do you have a feline friend in your house? That’s nice but we all know that cat fur on your expensive oriental carpet can be pretty annoying as well. Thus, the article below lays down certain tips to remove cat fur from the carpets.

Firstly, you can wipe the area with barely dampened washcloth or sponge. Then, moving over the carpet with lint roller or chamois cloth would also help. Otherwise you can brush off the fabric with a broom (rubber-bristled one). Next, if you are planning to vacuum, it’s advisable to apply some baking soda or fabric softener prior to vacuuming as these would loosen the fur.

Thereafter, blow up a big balloon and run it across you’re your fabric. The loose hairs would get stuck to it. If you are planning for a machine wash, add 1 cup white vinegar with water, the cat fur would wash off.

PostHeaderIcon Adding Charm to the home decor


Rustic furniture adds charm as well as functionality to your room. Rustic design includes weathered or antique furniture, with heavy pieces of hardwood. You can select a heavy wood dining table and matching chairs for your dining room, and keep dark color leather armchairs along with sofas in your sitting room. You can keep coffee tables and side tables made from hard wood to accent the larger furniture pieces and for displaying decorative items, like photographs and candles.

Paint Colors

You can select warm colors such as red, orange and brown as primary color scheme for decoration. These colors will accent your wooden furniture as well as add rustic charm to your home. You can use colors such as forest green and burgundy to make a bigger room feel warm and cozy and use light colors such as beige to make a smaller room appear bigger and brighter than it actually is.

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PostHeaderIcon Restoring your hand hewn log homes

Log homes are restored to increase their appearance, livability & strength. Such restored log homes are used as family homes, museums, souvenir shops and so on. The process of restoration varies depending on the type of construction, the age of the structure, the level of damage and various other parameters.

Evaluate the type of restoration necessary for your structure. Choose the best plan – historically accurate restoration (a costly method opted in the case of historically important structures) or the modern restoration methods (a much cheaper alternative). Check for any historic preservation grants you are eligible for and the corresponding norms to be fulfilled.

Chalk out the areas & the types of repairs to be undertaken. Examine each log of the house to check for cracks, deterioration or bug infestation. If possible, repair those logs or simply replace them. Examine the roof, windows, fireplace, internal walls for leakages & deterioration. Check & repair the internal plumbing & wiring. Give prominence to the restoration of the interior of the log home viz. lighting, furniture & so on.

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