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PostHeaderIcon How to Glam up Your Backyard for Christmas

Decor Backyard for Christmas, festive home decorThe festive season is the time when we clean up our house and hang up the Christmas lights to welcome this magnificent season of joy and celebrations. In this time, decorating your backyard in a Christmas theme is a wonderful idea. You can hang out with your family and friends on Christmas there and have a wonderfully memorable time. You can start with the Christmas lights. Hang them from your roof into the backyard.

Hang them along strings all over to create a warm feel. Have some decorative items like candy joysticks, Santas, and snowmen and out them around in various places around, in the backyard. Another thing which you can do is hang up a big paper star in the middle of the backyard and decorate it with lights. Have a wreath on the back door as well and use a lot of felt snowflakes around the place to complete the look.

PostHeaderIcon Why are gas fireplaces not a good pick for homes?

There are a lot of benefits of using gas fireplaces which has made them very popular among homeowners. There will not be any ash and that will help you keep the area clean. The requirement of a storage space is quite low for gas fire spaces as compared to the wooden fireplaces. It is also very efficient in terms of energy as compared to wood.

Heat can be provided by the gas fireplaces even when there is no electricity which is not possible in case of the electric furnaces. They are very easy to operate. You get them lit just by switching on. The emissions will be much less when you are using gas. When you are picking a gas fireplace, you should go for a fireplace that would have automatic starters. You should also go for a fireplace that has a direct vent unit. The circulation fan should come with a squirrel cage.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to decor a big room

Home decor ideas, home decorDecorating a bog room is much easier than doing the décor of a smaller room. However, when there is a lot of space in the room, it is important that there are no places that are left out. However, that does not mean that you overdo with they décor and make the area look messy and congested. There has to be a certain balance.

If you are dealing with a living room, a certain part of the area could be arranged with sofas and couches facing a television by a large sliding window. You could go with big paintings for the walls. If you can afford it, draperies will make a very god contribution to the décor of the big room. Make sure you choose the color combinations wisely. Try to go with contrasting colors that would compliment each other. Since the space is no problem, you can g with potteries, artwork and interesting furniture pieces to adorn the room.

PostHeaderIcon French Interior Inspired Décor

Do you find the French style very appealing? If yes then go for the decoration of your home using the French style. This will make your home look all the more unique. The bathroom can be decorated with iron furnishings, traditional hooks, iron bathtubs and the towel rack. You can also use soap dishes and dispensers which will add to the French look. In order to get French styled kitchen, use the glass or metal containers. Besides use bread boxes, chopping boards, Provencal tablecloth which will complete the look.

In case of the dining rooms, use the earthly colors more and the frilly cushions and pillows are always a welcome. Hangings depicture the French tradition can also be used. The living room can easily be decorated with posters or paintings which have inscriptions of French phrases. Besides all the above, if you want to be absolutely perfect you can always hire a professional who will help you. You can even do some research work regarding the French accessories.

PostHeaderIcon Gregorian style décor for your home

In this fast developing world, the people more often than not tend to forget the past and its heritage. Even in our homes, we tend to keep up with the modern world by reflecting it in our choice of décor items but if you want something unique and different that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, the choosing Gregorian style décor is the best way to go about this entire plan. Right from your living room to the bedroom, you can now give your home that classical old look and turn back the clock to a much simpler time.

As associated with an item from the past, elegance is guaranteed and these Gregorian décor items are just the same. The amount of furniture in the room is quite less but they are quite ornate giving a kingly feel. Dark colored wood such as maple and walnut is predominantly used to make the furniture to give it a royal look. The beds in the bedroom have head boards to give the same kingly feel. The mirrors on the walls are large with gilded frames to complete the entire Gregorian look.

PostHeaderIcon How to use Venetian mirrors to glam up your home décor

Venetian mirrors are the best way to incorporate sophistication in your home. Mirrors are a great way to accessorize your room and home and nothing can beat Venetian mirrors as they reflect style in a much superior and elegant way which no other mirror can provide you. Your guests and relatives will suffer from the pang of envy whenever they visit your house and check out the beautifully decorated interior carefully done up by Venetian mirror that makes your house look majestic and develops a charm of itself.

The most graceful and high-status Venetian mirrors are manufactured in Murano which is located in Italy. Skilled craftsmen who are the residents there carefully design and make these individual masterpieces by their own hand, using age old techniques and secrets that have existed more than hundreds of years of working with glasses. You can even find many Venetian mirrors in various famous places like in palaces and ancient castles where they are still treasured and taken care of.

PostHeaderIcon Add elegance to you home décor with Oriental rug

Decorating your room with oriental rugs is a brilliant idea. Oriental rugs are best suited for your living room and dining room. Oriental rugs are available in various colorful vibrant colors, patterns, styles and sizes. They definitely add to the beauty of the room and bring an elegant sophisticated look to your room. Color and design of the rug, is what you should take into account before purchasing one. Try to match the color of the rug with the design and color of the room.

Traditional oriental rugs will compliment your modern home quite beautifully. Choose a rug according to its usage. If you are going to place the rug in the middle of the room and it will be completely visible then choose a rug with beautiful designed central motif. Heavy design on the border of the rug also looks grand. Curvilinear design is best suited in old traditional homes.

PostHeaderIcon Psychology of colors when it comes to doing up your kitchen

Colors can be implemented in different and unusual parts of your kitchen. The utensils of stainless steel could have a tinge of burnt orange and the counter top could have a fire-engine-red shade to it. The cabinets could be of coffee color surrounded by tiles that are of chartreuse or pink in color. You should jazz up the kitchen with many vibrant colors so that cooking becomes fun for you. However, you should not fill up your kitchen with only bright shades. You should be able to make a mix and match of bright and subtle colors. This will help you create an atmosphere that is soothing for the tiresome job of cooking meals.

The colors that give a warm feeling to the kitchen are yellow, apricot and also some shades of red. The cabinets could be a combination of black and red as that would surely make them stand apart. Nice colors in the kitchen will create a nice mood for the cook that will surely reflect on the food.

PostHeaderIcon Add sculptures to your spacious living room to glam it up

Art never fails to glam up the look of a room. The placement of right kind and shade of sculpture can really change a dull room to a very classy one.  Bring your room to life with beautiful wall sculptures. Modern homes are experimenting with wall sculptures and artwork these days and the results are pretty glamorous. Discover yourself and some fine art work by designers and sculptors for home décor. Read on for some cool sculpture ideas.

Old roman and Greek sculptures are very beautiful and they come in various shapes and figures to adorn your home. You can go for angelic figurines, waterfalls, lovers and women, men, children sculptures. Also, birds, animals and even non living elements are sculpted. Parthenon sculptures are very realistic and rustic in nature which glam up the room in a completely different light. Choose whichever design and figures and color which suits the room and your taste.


PostHeaderIcon Add Japanese textures and colors to your home décor

Japanese textures and colors, home décor, home colorJapanese style of decorating a home is believed to be one of the most colorful and bright ways in which one can beautify one’s home. Even if you take the advice of an interior decorator you will get a very positive respond from them regarding the Japanese way of decorating your home. You can paint the equipments of your rooms in various shades of colors which are prominent in the Japanese palette such as black, brown, gray, tan and green and other earthly shades.

The color of paints which depicts the Japanese décor is light beige color, white, and cream which will give your rooms a spacious and elegant ambience. While selecting furniture the mantra which you should always follow is to select the simple. For tables and cabinets you can choose cedar, elm rosewood and walnut, basically all dark woods. You can also purchase a kotasu which is a Japanese furniture used as dining or writing table to give your home an authentic Japanese look.

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