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PostHeaderIcon Plan an outdoor birthday party in your backyard

party in backyardHaving a backyard in your house becomes important when it comes to throwing birthday parties. It is very exciting to see guests coming and gathering in that backyard. But planning the birthday is not easy. In fact it is a long procedure which starts from inviting the guests. Secondly you never know when the rain gods can shower their blessings so you must have backup plan in that case. You should have a plan B ready if in case the rain comes down so that the enjoyment of the party remains the same.

Food is something that would keep the guests happy and that is why you must appoint any caterer or prepare the food beforehand so that when the guests arrives you will not be busy cooking for them. This would relieve you from the stress and tension of maintaining a good standard for the food that the guests will be eating.

PostHeaderIcon Items you’ll require to turn your home into a spa

Home spa,  Bathroom decorIn this hectic world and uncertain times, it is not always practical and possible to undertake rejuvenating holidays and excursions. There are also financial and family considerations which need to be taken into account.  But we should not despair as there are other options and one of the easiest to implement is the home transformation. You would be amazed to know that it is possible to change your ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa if you invest a little time, money and effort into it.


The first item on the list would have to be soaps and oils. There is no need to go in for the luxury branded items and many options are available online according to our individual needs and budgets. An electronic music device with speakers and some aromatic candles would be next and they would go a long way in setting the ambience and mood for a relaxing time in the tub. And the finishing touch would be provided with some nice soft cotton towels to dry you off and ready for facing the world and its troubles again.

PostHeaderIcon Do up your living room wall with a vintage clock

Do you want to decorate your living area with a clock? Then, vintage clock is one of the best options for it. These vintage clocks come in different shapes. Some clocks are rectangular in shape and others are in oval or round or octagonal shape. These clocks come in various sizes like small, big or medium so you can choose the one that suits your room. They also come in different colors. So, you can choose the suitable color according to the color of the wall.

The vintage clocks also come in different frames. These frames differ in texture and material. But, mostly vintage clocks are made of wood. These clocks are very costly because they are found in only some of the stores all over the world. So, you should be careful while purchasing the clock. These clocks attract whosoever comes to your house. These, clocks actually give a classy look to your living area.

PostHeaderIcon Make your Living Room appear exceptional with proper Furniture

You should draw a sketch of your living room on a paper marking windows as well as doorways in your room. Using a separate paper sheet, draw and color pieces of furniture with a colored pencil. Place your pieces of furniture in your living room outline representing an intuitive design for your room. Each furniture piece should stand out and be available for use easily. A fireplace in living room should have a seating arrangement around it. Or, if you have a chandelier, furniture should be placed underneath so that light fixture will be the room’s focal point.

Once your layout is ready, enhance your room design further using color and texture. Select your furniture color to match the color of walls and floor. Light-colored objects will stand out against a dark background and vice versa. Use this contrast for larger furniture pieces to draw the attention to space including your complete furniture set.

PostHeaderIcon Designing the Living room

While designing the living room, you should draw a scaled sketch of the living room using a graph paper. Find out the focal point of your room, like a built-in set of bookshelves or brick fireplace. Everything else must complement this focal point.

If you are having hardwood floors, you should include a rug for adding color, decoration along with functionality to your room. Place the largest furniture piece in the room first and add other pieces which will complement the largest piece of furniture. While placing a furniture piece in your living room, keep enough space in between for walking through your room comfortably.
Select floor lamps or accent lamps having softer lighting to give warmer touch in the living room. Place accent furniture pieces in the living room. Select complementary colors for the living room and limit use of accent colors. You can place framed family photos on bookshelves or a flower vase on coffee tables.

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