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PostHeaderIcon Lighting up your study

Study lighting, home lightingWhen you are decorating your study, sadly it is the study table, the book shelf and the chair that gets most of the attention. You want all the furniture to be in top shape for your study so that they go wonderfully with the décor of the room. But since you will either spend your time reading, writing or staring at the screen, it is extremely important to have proper lighting in your study.

When you are lighting up your study make sure that the lighting fixtures and holders are not too elaborate. The study is a place where people work and concentrate and therefore the fixtures should do nothing to mess with either your concentration or with the décor of the room. Bright white light is the best for a study as they are soothing yet perfect for your eyes. You can also go for a sleek and modern table lamp for those late hours.

PostHeaderIcon Lighting up a bathroom in a proper way

You must light up your bathroom in a proper way to give a perfect look. You can use lights that go well with the paint color and the curtains. You can use beautiful fixtures that will suit the environment of the bathroom. Use both bright and dim lights in your bathrooms. You can also use regulators for the lights for your bathroom. Remote controlled lights are available in the markets nowadays and you can use them in your bath room.

You can use lights in all the parts of your bathroom like the bath tub, the shower, the basin etc. The lights can brighten up the place and you can even give a look like a spa by the application of dim lights. Suppose you are sitting in your bath tub and you need to switch on the lights, in that case you can use the remote to switch on the lights. You should use bright lights in your bathroom to prevent the growth of molds.

PostHeaderIcon Floor lamps, a perfect accessory to add glamour to you décor

Having an antique style floor lamp in your house, not only provides class and a touch of romance, but also adds to the sophistication. This is a versatile device that comes in varieties of colors, shapes and sizes. The stand can be made of brass or wrought iron and the design may have a floral or a metal layout, and it depends on the era of manufacturing. Antique lamps are usually not powered by electricity but often may be powered by gas.

The base structure should be taken into consideration, i.e. whether it is solid or not, in order to avoid unwanted fires due to short-circuit. Depending on the price as well as on your interior environment, you must choose the right design for yourself. Furthermore, antique table lamps or lanterns are also a good option, as they bestow a sense of illusion and creative ambience which modern lamps fail to provide.

PostHeaderIcon Learn to light up your living room the right way

Is your living room looking dull? Are you bored with the same lighting in your living room? Then you can light your room in a right way to make your room look classy and elegant. By using right fixtures and lights, your room would give positive energy.

The right fixtures can be sports lamps, ceiling lights, overhead lights, chandeliers, etc. You can also use monochromatic light that would give different light shades in your living room. You can use fluorescent light to make your room look bright. You can highlight some artwork and paintings by lights to gather the attention of everyone.

You can use smaller lamps instead of using bigger lamps. Lamp light should give translucent shades instead of opaque to increase the light. Glass cabinets should be lightening up with a dim light to give a shadowy look. The furniture should be in right place so that these lights would be more graceful.

PostHeaderIcon Restoring your Light Fixture

Restoring light fixture always involves cleaning the fixture thoroughly. First you should mix about one tablespoon dish washing soap with water. Dip a sponge in this solution and scrub your light fixture for removing residue and grime. Using a toothbrush you can scrub any areas that couldn’t be reached with a sponge.

Apply a coat of paint stripper about 1/4 inches thick any paint present on the fixture. This paint stripper will soften the varnish or paint and remove residue and dirt. You should scrub the metal using steel wool for removing any paint or grime from fixture surface. Remove the chemical residue with a clean cloth and dry your light fixture.

Clean it thoroughly using a degreasing cleaner. Wipe away all residues from your light fixture. Appropriate metal polish should be applied to the fixture using a soft rag. You should polish the light fixture by rubbing it in circular motion using a buffing cloth.

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