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Keeping is bathroom clean to maintain health and hygiene is of extreme importance and therefore it is very important that you clean your bathroom thoroughly at least once a week. There are five areas of a bathroom that requires meticulous and regular cleaning and those areas include the bathroom floor, the sink, the counters, the toilet and the shower or bath. Apart for the weekly heavy duty cleaning, you are advised to use normal bathroom cleaning products daily to ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom and this will also make sure that it is sanitary at all times.

One of the regular tasks that form an integral part of cleaning the bathroom is cleaning hair, dust and dirt from the cracks of the floor. You have to make sure that you perform this task at least once, preferably twice, everyday. Hair combined with dust and dirt creates a mess and with the addition of water, the bathroom floor turns into nasty grime. To get rid of hair, dust and dirt from the bathroom floor you will have to use good quality bleach. For areas that are difficult to reach, you can use a scrubbing brush. After cleaning, you should mop the floor. To keep your bathroom floor cleaner for a longer time, you can use rugs and mats.

Counter tops and sinks are seats of bacteria and dirt and it is very important that you clean them regularly. You must clean the bowl of your sink at least once every week with the help of good bleach. Also you must use disinfectant wipes daily to clean the sinks and counters. While cleaning the sinks and counters, make sure that you clean the mirrors as well. Cleaning the toilet bowl is the most important and difficult job and you need heavy duty bleach and good scrubber for it.

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