PostHeaderIcon Crotchet edging on your curtains

Crotchet trimming & endings can give a new life to your old curtains. With a few hours to spare & a basic knowledge of crotchet stitches, you will be an instant star in your neighborhood. Here are some basic tips to help you groom up your old curtains to give them a designer boutique feel.

Thread your embroidery needle with thread weight crotchet cotton. With a margin of about ¼th of an inch from the bottom left corner, bring the needle up through the curtain. Position the curtain upside down. Pull the needle to bring all the thread up through the fabric. Make the next stitch with a clearance of about ¼th of an inch. Before tightening up the stitch, hook up the needle through the loop on the top of the fabric to put up a vertical loop simultaneously along with a horizontal one. Repeat the above steps all along the bottom edge of your curtain.

For the edge, insert a crotchet hook in the first stitch. Attach the yarn with the slip stitch. Chain one crotchet & then turn (shell stitch or alternate stitch). Finally fasten the thread at the end of the row.

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