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A home must be cleaned but in spite of this there can be hidden germs that can cause minor or major diseases. Thus it is very important to disinfect your house regularly to keep all the germs away. But you may find this to be an expensive affair. But it can be very easy to prepare disinfectant spray at home itself. This can save upon a lot of your expenses. Different areas of the house require different kind of disinfectants. Following are a few easy steps to prepare your own disinfectant at home:

Spray 1: The items that are required for this are: spray nozzle, white vinegar, spray bottle and hydrogen peroxide. The method of preparation is as follows: As the hydrogen peroxide is already available in a bottle, it will be the best to just replace the cap with the nozzle. Fill up another bottle with vinegar and cap it with the nozzle. This will make your disinfectant ready. You should spray the house with hydrogen peroxide and then with the vinegar. Be careful enough so as to not mix both the solutions together.

Spray 2: The items required for this are: Rubbing alcohol, dish washing soap, spray nozzle, dish washing soap and water. First of all you should mix in equal quantities, water and alcohol in a bottle with spray nozzles. Take another bottle and mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap in a bottle of water. The target area must be sprayed with this and left for a few minutes. Then spray the alcohol on those areas.

Spray 3: The items that are required for this are: distilled water to fill the bottle, spay bottle and lemon essential oil. This preparation will help you to clean up the kitchen tops, doorknobs, and linens. Just mix them all in the bottle to get the disinfectant ready.

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