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Wooden window framesWooden window frames are such which usually take care of themselves, but still it is really needed to maintain wooden window frames. For maintaining wooden window frames, regular inspection is needed and proper attention should be given to them. Regular inspection leads to early detection of any problem or issue and early detection can save you much of the time, energy and cost. Thus maintaining wooden window frames is not only needed to maintain its beauty but also needed to save you many things. It is true that many repairs are complicated, but still if you really intend to maintain wooden window frames then you can try out at least the small and minor ones which are easy and straight forward to tackle. Regularly maintaining wooden window frames will keep your frames in good condition and will give your house a beautiful look on permanent basis.

It is secondary matter what kind of wooden frame, your window is having, you still need to take care of it. Maintaining wooden window frames includes checking signs for damage, regular cleaning and such other things. Here are some of the tips to maintain wooden window frames.

  • Removing loose dust

You can initiate the work of maintaining wooden window frames by dusting off the frame of your window. Clean it with a dry and clean cloth. You can also use a scrub. You can use little bit pressure, as you want to remove dust and all the other things which is stuck on your window frame.  Don’t be afraid to scrub it with pressure this will help you to clean it perfectly.

After you are done with this, use a vacuum and clean the floor as due to dusting window frame, there has been dust on the floor also. If not using vacuum, then you simply sweep up the dust which you have discarded from the frame while maintaining wooden window frames.

  • Preparing Your cloth

Take another clean cloth or wash out the one used earlier. Soak it in the Water and apply some soap on the cloth. Simple dish soap will be okay for it. If you are having soap or liquid for cleaning wooden things then you can use that. Put a plastic sheet or towel on the floor so that it is not dirty while you are cleaning your window. Clean the wooden window frame with cloth with soap.

  • Washing the frame

After scrubbing the wooden window frame with soapy cloth, you can see the result instantly. However if you are not satisfied with that result, you can wash the window with clean water. This will give you better results. Thus it is very simple to maintain wooden window frames.

  • Cleaning up

After cleaning the frames, it is advisable to clean the window and surrounding area as while cleaning the frame you might have make them dirty.  It is not compulsory step in maintaining wooden window frames; it is based upon the need and your personal judgment. Decide yourself whether you want to do it or not.

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