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 range hood, kitchen accessoriesA range hood or extractor hood is an electrical device which is used like a ventilator over stoves or oven or gas burners in kitchens. It is very useful for all as it continuously soaks up the smoke, grease, steam, heat and smells. It keeps the kitchen clean and fresh. When you cook something which gives off a lot of steam or smoke, continuously the cooking can be problematic as there is not enough good ventilation there.

Also, over time, grease tends to settle down on the walls next to the gas burner or stove. Other combustion products which could cause respiratory problems and allergies if inhaled over a period of time are also removed with the help of extractor or range hoods. It is placed right above the gas burner or stove or oven and it’s connected to a ventilation system with pipes leading out. Some release the smoke and combustion gases and products in the air and some are sent to underground storage tanks.

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