PostHeaderIcon Keeping the heritage of an old home alive with the right kind of décor

Home decor ideas, home decorThe heritage of an old home speaks for itself and its charm is simply inexplicable. So, if you now in charge of taking care of your granny’s home and would like to redecorate it, try to keep its inherent heritage as much as possible. And one of the best ways of doing it is opting for the vintage décor while decorating the house.

For the vintage décor, you will have to make sure that you choose the right kind of furniture. Get some actual vintage furniture and furnishing and focus on checked ginghams and large floral patterns, they speak of the old world charm like nothing else. As for the palette for your furnishing, opt for something neutral like brown or beige. The wall decorations need to be Vintage as well. You can get the vintage pull shade from a flea market and use it as a wall accessory. Another thing that you can do is decorate the rooms with small vintage toys.

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