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Tiles are common flooring options, thanks to their wonderful finish and affordability. Tile flooring is especially common for areas with high spillage chances such as washroom or kitchen. However, some of the homeowners plan tile flooring for their entire home. In fact if you are planning a beautiful that won’t harm your budget- tiles would be perfect for your flooring. However, tiles also call for proper maintenance. The post below offers some essential tips that will help you to protect and preserve your tile flooring for years.

First of all, your tile flooring calls for regular cleaning. You have to sweep the floor everyday and vacuum at least once a week. The vacuum cleaning is necessary to suck out dust and dirt particles from the farthest corners of the floor. You must know that dirt, dust and sand really harmful for the stone tiles. Regular mopping is needed as well to ensure a complete cleaning for the floor. You can use soapy water to mop on the tile flooring. It’s better to use chamois mop or rag rather than sponge mop since the sponge option pushes off dirty water remain into the grout like, making it difficult to clean effectively. Besides, don’t forget to change water frequently as you mop. If you are cleaning the floor with soapy water, make sure to clean the residue post mopping. You can use mild acid (lemon juice) or an all-purpose nonabrasive floor cleaner to rinse of the soapy remains from the floor.

Grout cleaning is vital to maintain an elegant tile surface. It’s better if you can avoid commercial cleaners here and rather take to home-made cleaning solutions. One of the best home-made floor cleaning solution is a blend of water and baking soda which can create wonders while applied on floor stains.

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