PostHeaderIcon Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor cleaningCleaning the bathroom floors is the least appealing task in a messy bathroom. Whether you have laminated, bamboo, plastic or any other type of flooring, maintaining clean floors is the most significant aspect of a neat and clean bathroom. Today everyone is so busy that they have little time to give for cleaning. Thus, whatever shortcuts possible to clean it sound very attractive. Go beyond your old ideas to take care of the floor. Here are some latest tips on floor care tips:

The bathroom rugs that you choose should be machine washable:

The bathroom rugs that you choose should not only be plush and add to the look of your bathroom but also be machine- washable. You should be able to wash them on an usual basis. Good rugs are also helpful to keep the bathroom floors clean. It saves you a considerable amount of time that you have to otherwise spend on mopping and sweeping. Thick rugs are good to add comfort and style to your bathroom.

Wash and use bathroom rugs can also be tried:

If there are a lot of people that are constantly using the bathroom, the bathroom floor will be wet most of the time. There shall be constant cleaning and mopping of the floors required. In such a situation you need to stock up your house with a lot of use-and-wash bath rugs. These kinds of rugs are generally used in hotels. It is easy to move these rugs anywhere that you want. You can keep them outside the shower to ensure a dry place once you step out of the shower. They are one time use rugs. After using it once it can be washed to keep your floors clean and even the bath rug clean.

Before mopping dilute the cleaning solutions:

Although the modern solutions for cleaning are very easy and efficient to use, they may contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals might destroy the floors if not used in the right quantity. So, dilute the solution that you are using to clean. This shall protect your floors and also minimize the amount of fumes produced in a small room.

Some natural cleaning solutions:

You can clean your bathroom floors using all natural cleaning solutions. You no more have to worry about the harsh chemicals in the synthetic solutions that may cause harm to your floors. The natural solutions of cleaning have proven to be as effective as the other cleaning solutions. They have essential oils and some fruit extracts that help them do the task of cleaning. They also leave behind a refreshing and fresh smell.

Trying a steamer:

Mopping is an old way of keeping the floors dry, in the modern day steamers are taking its place. Steamers are much more effective than mopping. They do not pose any threat to the floors as they are chemical free. The steamers only with their heat keep the floors dry. The steamers can save you a lot of time as well. You do not have to worry about the floor being wet as the hot steam shall do all the work.

Use an automatic mop or vacuum cleaner:

They are automatic and ensure easy floor cleaning. They can be used for kind of bathroom floors. They leave behind a shining floor with just a press of a button.

PostHeaderIcon Different aspects Of Fire Alarm

Fire AlarmIf we talk about misconception about fire alarm, then it is hugely spread among a large amount of people across the globe. But actually fire alarm is the only device that not only saves your life but also your property. It is indeed very surprising that many people still believe that fire alarm is such a device that should be installed only in business hubs and corporate offices. But what about saving your cherished home and family members? Installing fire alarm device is more important at residential properties too.

Past story: When fire alarm devices came into being, it was noticed that confined within only limited usage, less competent devices were used to send intimation about fire emergencies. But with rapid technological growth, fire alarms have become more efficient. Now not only the prices have reduced significantly, even the digital fire alarms are also available in moderate price. If you are eyeing to install a fire alarm at your house, then make sure that the device is linked with the primary station. So when any fire emergency occurs, then you get alarm about the articles that are generally enlisted in the file. This process should continue 24×7.

Modern devices: If you analyse the new age fire alarm devices, you will see that they are mostly dependent upon some network apparatus or tools. These tools help the fire alarm perform effectively without any break. Another feature of the modern fire alarm devices is that you get all the information about your house and location of your property recorded in the memory of the fire alarm. So, when any emergency takes place, your device will get instruction from the primary station and will intimate you about the emergency.

Know the device: If processor is the main component of a computer, then you should know that control panel is the key component of any fire alarm. A control panel maintain the coordination between the fire alarm and its primary station. So while buying a fire alarm, you must make sure that the device has a good control panel. Heat and smoke detectors should also be part of your fire alarm, but it depends how much budget you have and how much you spend.

Installing fire alarm system is equally significant like installing security system at your house. Device that understands about major change in the temperature of your house is ideal.

PostHeaderIcon How To Soundproof A Sewer Pipe

Soundproof A Sewer PipeThe main reason why people soundproof sewer pipes is that they convert the basement into a more usable room. In other words the pipes make unwanted and disturbing rattling or trembling noise. There are also some other reasons for which people soundproof the sewer pipes. It not only stops the instantaneous sound problem but also diminishes the shaking of the pipes making it less probable for any problems further along the contour. While fitting a bathroom, soundproofing will always be a fine idea to avoid the risk of having to break out the bathroom after some months/years if any perceptible problem occurs.

Various soundproofing tapes or wrap sold by many hardware stores have been proved to be very effectual.

• First of all examine the exposed pipe. You may require roughly 8 ft tape which is soundproof for everyone and half feet of pipe.

• Carefully clean and parch the pipe.

• Fix and enfold the tape to the pipe recollecting to go beyond by around 1/4’”each time.

• For a smart and orderly end the recently wrapped and the exposed pipes can be boxed in with plywood.

• As compared to soundproofing tape system, the expanding soundproofing foam which is another process of soundproofing has not been valued by the plumbing society.

• Don’t forget to directly fit the tape onto the pipe while fitting the soundproofing as it reduces the shaking which is main reason for making sound.

• While purchasing material for soundproofing the most important thing to memorize is the material density. The more opaque is the material the more proficient it will be for jamming out the noise. For instance some people use fiberglass thermal insulation products but finds that they are unproductive as they attract noise rather blocking it out totally.

• It is very hard to eliminate the soundproofing wrap once pertained. Make sure that it is fitted properly at very first time

• Never relate the wrap over the access plugs. Slash and resume the process around such barrier.

• If you have the alternative then select the cast iron pipes to minimize the unwanted noise. PVC pipes create more problems when it comes to noise pollution. Cast iron pipes create less sound issues as it is of thicker material than PVC pipes.

• If installed correctly then only any kind of soundproofing can be effective. You can also contact the professions if you don’t do by yourself.

PostHeaderIcon Moroccan style bathroom

Moroccan style bathroomAre you fascinated by the rich aura of Moroccan décor? Well, the Marrakesh theme is truly captivating with its plush and elegant aura that renders a true regal touch to your room. Many homeowners looking for an exotic style statement prefer taking to Moroccan décor these days.

Let’s start with the colors. Moroccan shades are inspired by the colors of natural elements making up the region- like the desert, sky, earth and the sea. Thus, the most compatible colors for Moroccan décor are sand yellow, blue, green, red and silver. Foe example, you can use sand yellow as the base color for your walls and highlight your with blue fabrics like bluish mat, shower curtains and towels. Sometimes, a blue Moroccan bathroom sets pretty well with white towel and shower curtains patterned in typical Moroccan artwork.

No Moroccan décor is complete with the typical Marrakesh artwork. The most hallmark of the Moroccan artwork is the scrolled edge motif which must be followed in your bathroom walls and the fabrics used in the washroom- such as towels or mats or the shower curtain.

Now, tiles are really important in regards to Moroccan flooring. Try to get tiles with the scrolled edge motif for the ultimate Marrakesh effect. Added to the floor, you can even use the Marrakesh patterned tiles to highlight the special areas in your bathroom, say the wall just above your bathtub.

The arched effect is really important in the Moroccan décor. So, you use it for the bathroom door and also if you have got a partition between the shower and wash area. Both wood and wrought iron play a significant role in Moroccan theme. You can use wrought iron for the racks in your bathroom- an intricately pattered mirror in wrought iron frame would be a gorgeous addition to your very plush Marrakesh lavatory. Wood would go well for the bathroom cabinets.

For faucets and basins, you can use sandstone. Otherwise brass taps and patterned brass basins would also work well for the Marrakesh themed bathrooms.

Then, plants are an important aspect of Moroccan décor. Use little bit of indoor plants inside your bathroom- you can place small potted plants near the bathroom window or get racks especially for the plants. It’s good if you can have brass holders for your plants.

PostHeaderIcon 3 R’s of Roofing

roof repairRoofing is considered to be the most important part whiles the construction of the house. There are many matters which are kept in mind at the time of constructing the roof. Experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor must be selected for the roofing because it will be advantageous to the home owners. Hiring a proper roofing contractor will comply with his functions properly regarding the installation of roof. There are special three R’s of roofing which gives us the knowledge and exact idea about which matters must be kept in mind at the time of constructing and structuring the roof. The three R’s of roofing are R1- roof repair, R2- roof restoration, and R3- replacement. This article will help you to determine the aspects regarding the roofing measure which you should keep in mind at the time of installing the roof in your home.

R1- Roof Repair

Every roof at some point of time needs proper maintenance and care but if these things are not supplied to the roof than it can create damages and leaks in the roof. These leaks are to be filled with the appropriate materials so that it does not damage the interiors of the home. Most of the roof leaks are seen in the flashing area of the roof or near the chimney, the ventilation arena, the window section in the roof, etc. and ninety percentages of the roofing problems are arrived from the chimney and the flashing area in the roof. These leaks in the roof must be repaired or it will damage the roof in extremes.

Roof repairs is cheap and effective as compared to roof replacement because in roof replacement whole roof is changes and new roof is installed but in roof repair only the part or the section in which the roof is damaged is repaired and made well to be functional.


R2- Roof Restoration

Roof restoration means maintenance of roof, inspection of roof, cleaning of roof, roof coating, filling the roof leaks, etc. In simple words roof restoration mean taking the optimum concern towards the roof. Roof restoration is different from roof replacement because in roof replacement the roof is replaced and in roof restoration the roof is managed in a proper way and restored to increase the functionality of the roof.

There are many benefits of roof restoration which will be helpful to the homeowners of taking the decision of roof restoring than of roof replacement. Installing a roof restoration will increase the life of the old roof which was installed in earlier time.


R3- Roof Replacement

Whenever the roof is old enough and has no options of roof restoration or repair than the role of roof replacement comes into consideration. At some point of time it is mandate to change or replace the roof for the better functions and maintenance of the roof. When your roof has crossed the limit of twenty years, you should determine that it is the time to replace your roof in the home. If the roof is not replaced than it can create more damage to the interiors of the home.

There are many advantages which can prove helpful to the home as well as the home owners. Replacing a roof will enter in the description of long term advantages to the home. The problem of replacing or the issues regarding roofing is solved with the help of replacing the roof.

PostHeaderIcon Do you have a home library?

One thing that the world has lost today is people with good reading habits. Bu good reading habits it is meant that books which are fulfilling, refreshing and overflowing with knowledge. Also because of the technological advancements, the need for a home library is diminishing by the day. Most of the reading material can be downloaded from the World Wide Web in their e-books making it unnecessary to go out there and buy a hardcopy of the book they want to read. Some houses have people who do read but because of the lack of space it is not possible for everyone to build libraries in their homes. However, For people for who space is not a big deal, home libraries is kind of a must as it shows class, sophistication, knowledge and good home aesthetics.

If you do not have enough space and are a complete bookaholic then too building your own home library is not a big deal. Using a bit of creativity here helps a lot and can do wonders. Choosing a piece of furniture which looks the most appealing to the eye and can be usable in many forms and ways is the number one thing you should start at. Make this piece your original piece which stands out from every other piece of furniture in that room. Make your home library ideas revolve around this piece as your centrepiece and start working on a theme. This ensures that your work is done at a minimal cost. Lots of new furniture will not have to be bought and also since you are the one doing all the thinking, the expenses incurred on a professional designer are also overlooked.

A little help from online websites too can be taken to work a bit on the design and get some new cost effective ideas.

PostHeaderIcon Home made Disinfectants can help you to take care of your house

A home must be cleaned but in spite of this there can be hidden germs that can cause minor or major diseases. Thus it is very important to disinfect your house regularly to keep all the germs away. But you may find this to be an expensive affair. But it can be very easy to prepare disinfectant spray at home itself. This can save upon a lot of your expenses. Different areas of the house require different kind of disinfectants. Following are a few easy steps to prepare your own disinfectant at home:

Spray 1: The items that are required for this are: spray nozzle, white vinegar, spray bottle and hydrogen peroxide. The method of preparation is as follows: As the hydrogen peroxide is already available in a bottle, it will be the best to just replace the cap with the nozzle. Fill up another bottle with vinegar and cap it with the nozzle. This will make your disinfectant ready. You should spray the house with hydrogen peroxide and then with the vinegar. Be careful enough so as to not mix both the solutions together.

Spray 2: The items required for this are: Rubbing alcohol, dish washing soap, spray nozzle, dish washing soap and water. First of all you should mix in equal quantities, water and alcohol in a bottle with spray nozzles. Take another bottle and mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap in a bottle of water. The target area must be sprayed with this and left for a few minutes. Then spray the alcohol on those areas.

Spray 3: The items that are required for this are: distilled water to fill the bottle, spay bottle and lemon essential oil. This preparation will help you to clean up the kitchen tops, doorknobs, and linens. Just mix them all in the bottle to get the disinfectant ready.

PostHeaderIcon Right shades for your bed chamber

Do you have eyes for making some sort of a great renovation in your bed chamber? Are you concerned over the right shades for your bed chamber? Well you must not be worried on this issue. There are lots of things that you can do. Let us make it a point to take a close look at some innovative as well as highly effective ideas. You can bet that they are surely going to rock. Consider trying out the following tips or suggestions.

• Tip 1- In the first place you can make it a point to apply the color blue to the four walls to your bedroom. You can bet that it is a particular shade which is going to work just fine for you. Interior decorators do have a great deal of fascination for this particular shade. There is no denying that you are going to have a cooling effect in your room from the shade.
• Tip 2- In this connection you might also want to consider trying out the amazing compilation of red as well as white. You can bet that the amazing compilation of red as well as white is going to work like magic. It is this wonderful amalgamation that kind of creates an aura of passion as well as romance in the four walls to your bedroom.
• Tip 2- In connection with the right shades for your bed chamber you must consider trying out the amazing color pink. When it comes to creating some romantic ambiance pink is the right choice for you.

Here are some of the right shades for your bed chamber. They are really going to do a marvelous job in your bed chamber. You can bet that they are surely going to rock. Try them out and see it for yourself.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to clean your curtains

One of the most important accessories that play a very important role in the overall décor of your interiors is the curtains of your doors and windows. Curtains behold a vital role to give your house an aesthetic sense. These does not only protect your privacy from outsiders but also conveys the tastes of the dwellers. You should make it a point that your curtains should never look ordinary. Though even if you choose expensive curtains for your house they give out a very ordinary look if they are not cleaned and maintained well .

Nowadays both heavy and light fabrics are used to make the curtains and the basic way by which you can keep your curtains is by cleaning and maintaining the fabrics well. In case of light fabric curtains, it is very easy to keep them clean because most of the time, only a shake in it is enough. Moreover, curtains can be kept clean by vacuuming it on a regular basis.

A weekly cleaning is essential for your linen or cotton curtains. You can run it in the washing machine once a week and dry it in a shady area where direct sun rays will not affect the colors of the curtains. It is advisable to take them away from the sun instantly after they are dried so that the beauty of the colors is maintained.

There are some materials of the curtain which need a dry cleaning periodically. But for many of you, dry cleaning can be an expensive task and thus an alternative can be opted for. A gentle shake to the curtains can remove the dirt that is stuck into it or vacuum cleaners can serve the purpose. Cloth streamers can be run through the curtains which will kill the germs on it.

If a lint brush is used regularly to wipe away the dirt from the curtains, hassles of cleaning them every alternative day can be avoided. Vacuuming the curtains from both sides will undoubtedly offer your interiors a decent look.

PostHeaderIcon Cleaning your bathroom made easy

Keeping is bathroom clean to maintain health and hygiene is of extreme importance and therefore it is very important that you clean your bathroom thoroughly at least once a week. There are five areas of a bathroom that requires meticulous and regular cleaning and those areas include the bathroom floor, the sink, the counters, the toilet and the shower or bath. Apart for the weekly heavy duty cleaning, you are advised to use normal bathroom cleaning products daily to ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom and this will also make sure that it is sanitary at all times.

One of the regular tasks that form an integral part of cleaning the bathroom is cleaning hair, dust and dirt from the cracks of the floor. You have to make sure that you perform this task at least once, preferably twice, everyday. Hair combined with dust and dirt creates a mess and with the addition of water, the bathroom floor turns into nasty grime. To get rid of hair, dust and dirt from the bathroom floor you will have to use good quality bleach. For areas that are difficult to reach, you can use a scrubbing brush. After cleaning, you should mop the floor. To keep your bathroom floor cleaner for a longer time, you can use rugs and mats.

Counter tops and sinks are seats of bacteria and dirt and it is very important that you clean them regularly. You must clean the bowl of your sink at least once every week with the help of good bleach. Also you must use disinfectant wipes daily to clean the sinks and counters. While cleaning the sinks and counters, make sure that you clean the mirrors as well. Cleaning the toilet bowl is the most important and difficult job and you need heavy duty bleach and good scrubber for it.

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