PostHeaderIcon Know-how on tile floor cleaning

Tiles are common flooring options, thanks to their wonderful finish and affordability. Tile flooring is especially common for areas with high spillage chances such as washroom or kitchen. However, some of the homeowners plan tile flooring for their entire home. In fact if you are planning a beautiful that won’t harm your budget- tiles would be perfect for your flooring. However, tiles also call for proper maintenance. The post below offers some essential tips that will help you to protect and preserve your tile flooring for years.

First of all, your tile flooring calls for regular cleaning. You have to sweep the floor everyday and vacuum at least once a week. The vacuum cleaning is necessary to suck out dust and dirt particles from the farthest corners of the floor. You must know that dirt, dust and sand really harmful for the stone tiles. Regular mopping is needed as well to ensure a complete cleaning for the floor. You can use soapy water to mop on the tile flooring. It’s better to use chamois mop or rag rather than sponge mop since the sponge option pushes off dirty water remain into the grout like, making it difficult to clean effectively. Besides, don’t forget to change water frequently as you mop. If you are cleaning the floor with soapy water, make sure to clean the residue post mopping. You can use mild acid (lemon juice) or an all-purpose nonabrasive floor cleaner to rinse of the soapy remains from the floor.

Grout cleaning is vital to maintain an elegant tile surface. It’s better if you can avoid commercial cleaners here and rather take to home-made cleaning solutions. One of the best home-made floor cleaning solution is a blend of water and baking soda which can create wonders while applied on floor stains.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to repair water damage in your home

Water damage in your house can take place due to various reasons like burst pipes, leakage or many other reasons but the main thing is how you tackle it and how you proceed with the repair. Instead of going for the expensive repairs there are very simple things that you can do in order to repair the damage. Following are some of the tips that might help you:

• First of all whenever you see water damage it is important for you to act fast. You need to inform the cleaning services as soon as possible. Some of those services even provide emergency service round the clock. Since you are calling the experts it would be easier to cope with the damage. However depending on the cause and the extent of damage there may be other departments also who can be called.
• Secondly you should be really cautious about the damages that might occur in your house. Take for example if you see that there is a small leak in one of the pipes you should take immediate action to repair it. If you don’t then it can be a big problem for you later. In fact it can also contaminate the water inside which you would certainly not want.
• When you first notice that there is water damage in your house you should look to make that place dry. The main reason for that being growth of moles. If the area becomes damp for a long time then there are chances that there will be a mole growth which is really annoying. Apart from mole growth it would be easier for you and the cleaning services to clean that place also. And later when the place is dry it would help to prepare for a perfect repair.

PostHeaderIcon How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy And Fresh

Indoor plants are a nice add on to any house. It’s always good to be in touch with greenery everyday which is getting hard in the jungle of the city. Thus, it’s always advised to opt for some nice indoor plants to ensure a refreshing feel inside. But you must make sure to take good care of your in-house greenery and here are the tips on how to keep your plants healthy & fresh.

Ensure adequate lighting

It’s needless to mention that plants need light to survive. Hence the best place to place your plants are near the window where these can relish ample sunlight. Many people prefer to hang small potted plants in their balcony which is another good option. If your plants are not getting sufficient natural lighting, opt for the indoor grow bulbs as the needful substitute.

Get sufficient water

Then, of course make sure that the plants get sufficient water- neither too much nor too less. Different plants have different requirements when it comes to water and thus you should have your arrangements accordingly. Always remember, large potted plants will need less watering in comparison to the plants in small pots. The flowering and thin-leaved plants always demands a good water flow for a healthy while the cactuses are oaky with less water. However, you must place a plate under every plant to prevent water drops on floor.

Stay safe from pests

You must keep your indoor greenery all safe from the pests. Pests area sure nuisance as they eat up your green pots fast. The thin-leaved plants are most susceptible to pest attacks like whitefly, spider mites, mealy bugs or scale. The best solution here is to use a good soil-drenching systemic pesticide.

Use fertilizers

Fertilizers support the plants with the additional nutrition. You must consult with the nurseries to get ideal fertilizers for your plants.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on taking care of your carpet

Carpets give your room a perfect authentic and elegant look. You can use the carpets in your home not only to give your room some god looks but it also keeps your home warm. It makes the room cozy and makes the people visiting your home feel like home. With so many benefits it also has its own loss. It accumulates dust pretty easily. Here are some tips so that you can take care of your carpets very easily.

• Brush your carpets on a regular basis. By brushing the carpet you can remove the dust that accumulates in the carpet.
• Keep your pets away from carpet as they bring in germs that would destroy the quality of your carpet.
• If you see some food or some other stain on your carpet make sure you clean it at that moment. As if not cleaned then it would be difficult to remove it later.
• Make it a habit to wash it after a certain period of interval.

Use these tips to make sure that you have a good carpet in your home.

PostHeaderIcon How to prep up your home for an in-home party?

Are you going to have an in-home party soon? That’s awesome since the in-home parties always promise great fun and sheer entertainment leaving you with lots of special memories. However, since you are having the party at home, your house should be prepped up accordingly to set the perfect party mood. Here are some ideas on how to how deck up your home in the right party spirit.

Remember a clean home is at the basic of every fine décor. So, clean up the house thoroughly and make sure it stays spick and span on the very day. If you have wallpaper on your wall, clean it up for a neat refreshing look. Get colorful balloons as no party is complete without balloons- hang them on walls and from ceiling.

Decorate your wall with crepe papers. Put fresh flowers on your center table and get scented candles in varied sizes to create a soft aromatic ambience around. Pep up your entryway with mini lights.

PostHeaderIcon Decorative ideas for your porch

Most of the times, we do not pay much attention to the porch in our home. But if proper attention is given, it can be seen that you can decorate your porch in the most effective way to serve various purposes. Depending on the size and the shape of your porch, you can decide upon the decoration for it. You can get some chairs and tables in the porch just to enjoy a cup of coffee either alone or with your friends during your leisure time. Relaxing in an easy chair some time after your dinner also works as a very good stress buster.

If you are planning to organize a party, then your porch can serve as a perfect place for that as well. You just need to have the proper lighting arrangement is your porch. If some designer spot lights and laser beams are installed and arrangements are made for some music, then your porch will be one of the most happening party places in your home.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden furniture and their timeless appeal

In spite of the advent of various new furniture, the wooden furniture even today is much popular among the people. The wooden furniture imparts a royal, classy look to your home and office. The modern and trendy furniture become outdated very quickly with the advent of some new design pattern. But the effect of the wooden furniture is long lasting.

Wooden furniture consists of dining tables, chairs, sofa, wardrobes, etc. You can look for wooden furniture for your house in the nearest furniture store. You can also contact some expert and experienced carpenter get the furniture designed according to your own personal choice and according to the interior of your home.

If the wooden furniture appear faded and aged, you can bring back the glow and shine of the furniture by simply polishing the furniture with varnish and polish. The wooden also last for a relatively long period of time and so they exert a timeless appeal on the appearance of your room.

PostHeaderIcon Tornado prone area: home do’s and don’ts

A tornado is one of the natural calamities that claim a number of lives when it hits in a place. If you are living in a tornado prone area then here are the do’s and don’ts that you should do while in your home during a tornado.


  • The first and the foremost thing you should do are to run to your basement. The basement of your house is the safest place during a tornado.
  • If you do not have a basement in your home then run into your living room. It is the inner most room.
  • Cover yourself with a mattress or a sleeping bag this will protect you.


  • Never light a candle or a matchstick during the tornado. Due to it the gas lines may get damaged thus causing fire.
  • Do not use the elevator in any case. It is one of the dangerous things to do.
  • Do not live in any mobile home.

PostHeaderIcon How to manage to keep your house safe in winter?

With the onset of winter, you should start thinking about protecting your house from the harsh winter weather. A very big problem during the winter is the snowfall. You should check your roof properly before the snowy season arrives. If there is any cracks in the roof or if the roof if not strong enough, then continuous snow fall may cause the collapse of the roof.

Also check for cracks in the walls and in the basement. Water may step in to these cracks and on freezing; this water will cause immense damage to the walls as well to the foundation of the house. The windows should be strong enough to bear the weight of the snow. If wrapping your window from outside looks odd, you can use insulated curtain for the windows to keep your house warm.

Check all the chimney of the fireplace properly so that there is no debris. Clogging of the chimney may lead to fire hazards and can also increase the carbon monoxide level in your home. You should adopt proper means of keeping your room temperature within a certain limit to make it comfortable for staying.

PostHeaderIcon Keeping the heritage of an old home alive with the right kind of décor

Home decor ideas, home decorThe heritage of an old home speaks for itself and its charm is simply inexplicable. So, if you now in charge of taking care of your granny’s home and would like to redecorate it, try to keep its inherent heritage as much as possible. And one of the best ways of doing it is opting for the vintage décor while decorating the house.

For the vintage décor, you will have to make sure that you choose the right kind of furniture. Get some actual vintage furniture and furnishing and focus on checked ginghams and large floral patterns, they speak of the old world charm like nothing else. As for the palette for your furnishing, opt for something neutral like brown or beige. The wall decorations need to be Vintage as well. You can get the vintage pull shade from a flea market and use it as a wall accessory. Another thing that you can do is decorate the rooms with small vintage toys.

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