PostHeaderIcon Preventing fires in your kitchen with holiday appliances

Kitchen care, prevent fireA fire in your kitchen can prove to be extremely shattering and toxic danger you face. You can read this article and get to know how to prevent fire in your kitchen with holiday appliances.

• During holiday times, you enjoy cooking a lot for your family members and friends. While cooking any item, you should never leave your cooking unattended and go out of the kitchen.
• Lighters and match sticks should never be kept within the reach of children.
• To get rid of grease fires, you should never use water. It will blowout the flames. Instead, you can use baking soda.
• You should keep your exhaust fan free of lubricant.
• You should avoid using burnable solutions near your gas stove.
• Electrical appliances should not be touched with wet hands. You must be careful about that.
• Do not use metal in the microwave. The flashes can lead to fire or it can damage your oven badly.

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